I Found a Shill in DC touting Mis-Information or that person has consumed so much Sodium Flouride and become to passive to care.

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I'm not going point the finger on the poster but it will not be hard to figure out.


But, when you have a person advocating Aspertame, Splenda and leading you to believe it's safe to drink, you better think twice. This person is either on some company's payroll for the industry or totally off her rocker.

If a person don't know there history they will always vote the wrong way and never ask the politicians the right question. If you don't read the H.R.Bills congress don't read the bills neither, so who does?

Why am I bringing politics on this?

Because the 1958 Delaney bill stated, any lotion and potion that causes cancer in Lab Rats can not be put in the food supply for human consumption.

The Aspertame facts has been exposed, Splenda has been exposed. All diet sweetners has been exposed.

Get all the information, facts, how it all begain with G.D.Searle company of nutrisweet and Aspertame at www.dorway.com

Stop consuming the very same posions that brought on the Diabetes.

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