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By Guardianstone Latest Reply 2010-11-01 18:16:09 -0500
Started 2010-10-30 22:07:09 -0500

. . . What is the use? Why do people act like spoiled children? Why must they behave like festering gangsta wannabes, never anything but bile coming from their mouths.
They seem to find glee in belittling everyone. Do they hate themselves so much that this is the only way to express themselves.
I found a very hurtful reply to one of the family today. Then another and . . .
All from the same person. This hateful venom is not needed here. Join me in asking this hate monger to either grow up or go away.
We hurt enough. We don't need more pain. This is true for a peoples and all nations.
I waited for a while before this discussion. I thought about it and decided if it was my last post allowed I would speak out.
Am I banned from this site?
Please let me know.
Guardian stone

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Mrs. RWS
Mrs. RWS 2010-11-01 16:54:21 -0500 Report

Could this be the results of not being able to make our kids mind anymore?

Guardianstone 2010-11-01 17:48:33 -0500 Report

Yes it is. Thank you.
We don't need to beat them but alot of padding is conviently placed to assist
in a correctional assist, versus a correctional facillity.
Thank you Mrs RWS.
Guardian stone

GabbyPA 2010-10-31 11:49:16 -0500 Report

Guardian, would you be so kind as to flag those posts so John can look at them and address the issue. We surely don't want our members to feel attacked.

whitetigress 2010-11-01 09:36:00 -0500 Report

I have contacted someone who can do something about it. :) There are some of the same comments as "moneyrich" before that profile got deleted. I am under the impression that this person has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and is now mad at everyone or someone this person actually loved has recently died from something that may be related to diabetes. This is just my impression.

Guardianstone 2010-11-01 18:00:10 -0500 Report

Thank you Whitetigress.
That is a possibality. I know that is a very difficult time of life, but we didn't do it. We weee brought up knowing right from wrong.
I honestly pray that I am wrong, and they are just hurt.
A homie has contacted the site and is scaring the kitty litter pile out of me. This individual seems o be contacting women. They may be very kind and careing but my mother hen instincts say no. My skin crawls when I read these responses. Maybe a medication issue.
Thank you, you have calmed me a bit. I don't jump everytime my message chime goes off.
Guardian stone

Guardianstone 2010-11-01 07:54:29 -0500 Report

Gabby hon,
I've tried copying, flaging, calling up Maxine's ghost and other things.
I'm sorry to say nothing has helped. And bobbsie3 is still here, acting sweet as pie. I'll take my meds and get some sleep.
Watch for trouble. Someone else is raising danger warnings. I've asked him (her?) to stop, but that hasn't happened yet.
Please don't ask me to copy this for John. I've already tried.
My withdrawl from meds has made me very weepy. I'm going to try to sleep, Nightmares have been very bad tonight.
Hope you had a good holloween.
Guardian stone

jayabee52 2010-10-31 22:53:47 -0500 Report

These were on the posting on various peoples' walls, and as I recall there's no way to flag those postings on walls as problematic.

What I did in 1 case when someone was using someone's wall to promote/sell a product in violation of Terms of use agreement, I copied/pasted the troubling post into an email to John C notifying him of the trouble.

Guardianstone 2010-10-31 15:33:36 -0500 Report

Gabby, sorry but T couldn't find a flag on any of bobbsie3's posts.
Here is a list:
Posted 24 hrs ago
posted on CONNIE466 post
Because no one likes you.
Posted 23 hrs ago
posted on Gabby's post
What a pedophile.
Posted 23 hrs ago
posted on Jralph's post
Holloween is tomorrow if you didn't notice.
Posted 23 hrs ago
Posted on Guardian stone's wall
Sir, have you an education?

I know they don't sound bad as one or two comments, but all of them put together was unwarrented. I wasn't worried about my insult, but the one sent to Connie an you were hurtful. I didn't like that.
It sounds a bit petty but family gets defended.
Guardian stone

John Crowley
John Crowley 2010-11-01 16:32:06 -0500 Report

Thank you for your help. We're taking care of this troll.

Guardianstone 2010-11-01 18:12:37 -0500 Report

Hello John
I hadn't thought of that discription. What a great visual picture.
Thank you for the smile. and a more secure site.
There appears to be should I say a stalker on the site. I will get you the information as soon as possable.
Thank you hon
Guardian stone

RAYT721 2010-10-31 05:31:33 -0500 Report

Please let me know if there is anything that I can do. You have my virtual hugs because you are as much a part of this virtual family as anyone else. You have the right to a safe space to be yourself, share your thoughts, and to give and take the inspiration, motivation and education that you've given to us. Personally I am proud to be your friend.

Harlen 2010-10-31 01:22:22 -0500 Report

I dont talk to the ones that are brats and yes I think they dont like them selfes.
If one needs to put down others to feel better I can only feel sorry for them .
Best wishes

Guardianstone 2010-10-31 01:49:34 -0500 Report

Thanks Harlen.
Glad to hear from you. I'll probably be off-line some time in Nov. Phone or electric.
I'll be back.
Be good, be healthy. hug the boys.
God bless
Guardian stone

jayabee52 2010-10-30 23:33:31 -0500 Report

Dearest Guardianstone (aka Mother hen)

DC is pretty much like the world outside our little cyber world, you find many nice people, and then you find some people who are not so nice. There are people who are downright nasty and gross too. (usually those don't stay around long)

I am not aware of the incident(s) to which you refer, but over the year plus I've been online here I've seen a few dustups between members. It can happen over the smallest of things too. Hardly worth fussing about, but one person gets hurt and gets their anger up and a fight erupts. Sometimes one or more leave the site because of hurt feelings. Sometimes others don't post as often as a response. It's not a pretty sight. But it is so very HUMAN.

Talk to someone you know is a understanding person using the DC email system and hash it out with them. You can also talk to folks like Gabby or John C.

When I was irritated by something someone said in a discussion, I had written a sharp reply and decided at the last second to not send it in the discussion reply, but instead I sent it to Gabby (she was involved in the thread), because I suspected it would set off a flame war on that thread. I got a nice reply from Gabby basically saying that I had a point, but perhaps I hadn't understood it quite like the person meant.

From what I see above, you've not said something which could get you banned from DC. But it's not up to me.

I offer a listening ear should you want to email me.

May god richly bless you and yours.


Guardianstone 2010-11-01 18:16:09 -0500 Report

Thank you JayaBee;
I know the world is a frightening place, but we should have a safe place to vent, cry, or laugh.
Guardian stone