Is Insulin Enough?...Developing C-Peptide Therapy

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Cebix Inc. is a company that began in Sweden and is now operating in San Diego.

"Cebix has developed an injectable formulation of C-peptide that it hopes to market for treatment of type 1 diabetes. Ultimately, Cebix believes that the sensory nervous system improvements seen in studies warrants replacement therapy for all type 1 diabetics…".

"Throughout the course of the research into C-peptides, a total of nineteen clinical studies have been carried out with about 300 patients, and the initial results indicate that C-peptide increases nerve conduction and perception of vibration in both humans and animals."

"Cebix is currently looking at two options that would require only one weekly injection from a 27-gauge-or-smaller needle. The once-a-week delivery, Cebix hopes, will mean that the potential benefits of the drug for patients with neuropathy– and perhaps eventually for all type 1 diabetics– will outweigh the pain and hassle of taking another shot."

"Cebix hopes to move forward with clinical trials for C-peptide replacement therapy in diabetic neuropathy, and then to continue with trials for treatment of diabetic nephropathy and other complications. It will still be several years at the least, then, before Cebix has any C-peptide commercially available, and until that time they will be testing the efficacy and safety of the treatment. Nonetheless, the emerging picture for diabetics is clear– insulin isn’t the only color in the crayon in the box anymore, and Cebix and others are working hard to supply diabetics with the missing colors."

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CaliKo 2010-11-01 17:41:23 -0500 Report

This is interesting. Was there a downside?

Richard157 2010-11-01 20:28:27 -0500 Report

Hi Caliko, I'm not sure of what you are asking. C-peptide would be very helpful to many diabetics if given in appropriate dosages. Type 2 diabetics still producing their own insulin are also producing C-peptide. Type 1 diabetics do not produce insulin or C-peptide, so they are the ones who would benefit the most.

Crashnot 2010-10-31 22:06:22 -0500 Report

I'd be curious to know how their product's peptide levels compare to what you get in the pork and beef derived insulins. And at what point would they include it in a regular vial of synthetic insulin I wonder? Ha ha, and of course, how much more will they charge? I"m already paying 4x more for my pork-based insulin, which has totally changed my health and energy levels. Really kills my budget, but at least I'm not a living zombie anymore.

Richard157 2010-11-01 12:26:19 -0500 Report

The pork/beef insulins you can buy from other countries do not have any C-pep. It has been removed. C-pep was in the animal insulins when I was using them many years ago, but it is not there in the animal insulins anymore.

Eli Lily considered putting C-pep in their synthetic insulins but they aborted the project and never gave an explanation.

Many Americans order their insulin from Canadian pharmacies, where it is much cheaper. I cannot remember where you live, but you might consider this if you live in the US.

Crashnot 2010-11-01 17:27:56 -0500 Report

I'm in Canada, but all the pork insulin has to be imported from Great Britain, which is the only source in the developed world.

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