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I think this topic is a perfect time for me to talk about it or elaborate more if I've touched base on this already. We all face many obstacles in our life each day; including dealing with our diabetes. How we face these obstacles depends.. Many times, life myself, we may hit a brick wall in this obstacle and feel like were either so frustrated or in fear… we run the other direction. I face this all the time in my life for many different reasons. I fight this demon and fear within me…that when things get too tough I run the other way. I have given up plenty of times and allowed it to control me within.
I am learning with some wonderful help how to overcome these walls and break them down. Some that are easy and there are some right now that are a fierce fight for me. I am having to relearn how to believe in ME… Sometimes when we think we are weak and down…there is some strength still within us to fight that we don't see and can't find. We all have the power to do things and change. A very wonderful friend of mine recently reminded me too that there are going to come times I must face the reality that I am not going to be able to change certain things. It goes back to the famous saying "…except the things I can not change…"
I think I have been missing the point in this saying for a long time. Fighting to try to change things in my life that can not be changed by me…no matter how hard I fight. With that being said, I need to learn to "let go…move on…do not look back". This friend told me it is only going to keep hurting me if i do not do this. He could not be very true about this. Sometimes when I think about what he has said to me it chokes me up and tears me up. Sometimes the truth hurts and the reality must be set forth within. This is where my extra help is coming into play with this.
When we take a look at all of the obstacles we have on our plates/in our life. is there a particular one that is holding you or other obstacles from being surpassed? In order to surpass other obstacles, we must break the one thing that is holding you back from all else. Because you can break other obstacles and face other challenges all you want BUT ultimately without that one fully being broken; you can not "truly" move on to really break other COMPLETELY. I want to challenge you (and myself) to this: Ask yourself "what is holding you back from all else? is this obstacle controlling you and your life from being truly happy?
All this ties in with our diabetes and every day life in how we manage everything. Diabetes has many different effects on ourselves. Diabetes has effects on our body, mind, and souls. There is not one place I can think of that it does not effect. When we are first diagnosed, we go through a grieving and reality process; a pure and natural thing and we all do this in different ways. Diabetes may change behaviors but not change who we are as a person. We are still who we are as we stand! Find that something or special someone you can talk to the most and do not be afraid to reach out. Do not be afraid or allow your obstacles change things within you. You can do this…we can all do this…When we do this, you will find a better side and feeling within you. Stop the excuses (if you are one for this) and make small challenges for yourself and work for it. Don't look at obstacles as they are yet an opportunity to set a goal(s) and make small steps towards breaking down those walls. Believe…have faith…reach out…

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RAYT721 2010-10-30 14:19:08 -0500 Report

Great statements and great attitude! The first step from any addiction program is to admit you have a problem and then it's steps, not strides, to get to the next level. Wasn't it Cat Stevens who wrote, "take your time, think a lot, think of everything you've got?" … I don't know what that means but it makes more sense than "I'm being followed by a moonshadow."

jeffrey9127 2010-10-30 13:26:26 -0500 Report

This is very true! You must confront your demons (obstacles) and take them on. Each "win" sets you up to deal with another obstacle and helps you build confidence in yourself and a can do attitude.

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