Eliminating Secondary Concerns

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As a diabetic, your primary concern is managing your diabetes to prevent the complications associated with uncontrolled, elevated blood glucose levels.

Your secondary thoughts and concerns such as what type of treatment causes what, should be placed on the “back burner” until a carefully thought out plan can be put into place by you, and your medical team.

There are concerns of weight loss, weight gain, insulin injections or oral medication treatments and the cosmetic effects of certain medications.
They are worthy of consideration but …

What is the primary objective?

Managing your diabetes!

Remember this, nothing is chiseled in stone (unless you are a type 1 diabetic) so your management methods can be altered, enhanced or eliminated (by your doctor) if necessary.

Start a program that has been tailored to fit your individual needs, not that of someone else, remember your diabetes diagnosis is unique to you, it’s based on your body and your health.

Stick with the primary objective which is managing your diabetes, and leave the secondary concerns where they should be for now, secondary.


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realsis77 2010-10-30 11:01:13 -0500 Report

Ok.good article. Finally I'm getting my numbers where they should be I'm sooo glad. My treatment is working.

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