Making of the "Ultamite Cookbook'. (spelling errors free)

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RayT ranted abd we plotted.
It was started as a cute joke, but we realized it had a chance. One after another joined the call adding recipe ideas, assistance, support, even offering to walk the dog. Not a bad idea, add an exercise segment.
Keep the ball rolling. Make this happen. Hey another exercise idea.
Kids ideas, recipies for healthy living, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the food, canning food, How to 101. (how to dredge, how to cook, etc.) Ideas are welcome.
I will off-line for a wile in November. When I come back, I expect to see something in the works.
I have seen what we can ocomplish here at DC.
We have the will.
The good Lord willing an the creek don't rise.
Let it be so. Lets leave our kids a legacy.
Guardian stone

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