Diabetes and Acute Carpel Tunnel?

Miss Nessa
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I got hurt on my job a few months ago? The doctor said I have lower lumbar disc syndrome and a few other lumbar problems, sprain and strain in my upper right arm and acute carpel tunnel in my right hand? The insurance company denied my claim, so they won't pay me workman's compensation because my injuries weren't work related? They never sent my to their company doctor but the insurance adjuster made the decision and denied me compensation? Is this usual for the insurance adjuster to make such decisions or do the consult expert medical advice?

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Harlen 2010-10-30 10:12:40 -0500 Report

You need to fight it!
They always sey no the first time a lot just give up and thats what they hope for.
I am going in to have Right and left hands done on the 11th and 28th one at a time.
Its your life and if you dont fight for it who will?????
Best wishes

Brenda_B 2010-10-30 03:03:45 -0500 Report

Do adjusters make such decisions Yes… should they????
A poem to sum up the Worker's Comp Insurance carriers…
"Delay, Delay, Delay… Maybe you will go away.
Deny, Deny, Deny… Maybe you will die"

The definition in CA and in some of the other states is any conditions or injury that is sustained or aggravated by your job or working conditions is a worker's comp case. … Jayabee52 is right you need to go talk to a few lawyers. You do not pay to see them or have them take your case. They take a SET percentage out of your settlement.

jayabee52 2010-10-30 01:39:06 -0500 Report

Howdy Nessa!
Quite frequently Workers comp denies the initial claim in the hope that the claimant will not want the hassle of fighting them. Workmans comp is in most states running low on funds. You might want to take your case to 2 or 3 workman's comp lawyers to see if you have a case. I suspect that you may need to do that very soon because often there's a time limit on appeals to denials.

Over the years I have heard a lot of horror stories about the way Workman's comp has treated injured workers.

I pray you can get relief from your problems.

Blessings to you and yours



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