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I really don't know that much about different foods that help maintain your blood sugar but I read somewhere that eating a tsp or tbsp of cinnamon ( I can't remember which) can help to maintain your blood sugar. Has anyone else heard this or know why? And has anyone tried it and had any luck? I would also like to know of other foods that can help.

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my mother'in'law, also diebetic, and from a family of diebetics, has given my husband a bottle of Cinnamax-I believe that is the name of it. It is bought in health stores and some grocery stores, and it is a dietary suppliment designed to help keep the processing of sugar under control. My husband is taking 2 capsules daily, and it seems each day in the last two weeks, his levels have lowered consistently. Who knows for sure what really helps, but by trial and error, hopefully we can find out.

rodcarolhannah 2008-09-30 14:44:36 -0500 Report

i have also been using the cinnamon,1000 mg x2 a day. i have recently added bilberry, green tea extract, gymnema, ala and apple cider vinegar. with the addition of the last one, my sugars are now that of a 'normal' person. i have researched each of these items before adding it to the mix, each thing brought my numbers down a little more. research each item for your personal needs and se what matches. i have not had to use any prescription meds in nearly a month. i have also lost over 20 pounds as a result, as well. let me know how it works for you, but, remember, research each and evey item and how it will interact with the others!! good luck!!

caspersmama 2008-09-23 10:04:25 -0500 Report

I bought the grinder cinnmaon and I sprinkle it on apples, in oatmeal and in hot tea. I am getting better numbers and I have been drinking 1/2 glass of red wine at night also. So finally something or things are starting to work and my numbers are coming down.

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