How emotions and motivations cause diseases such as diabetes.

Why so serious?
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Hello. I am an educator, 47 years young. I look at those around me and wonder why do they suffer from diabetes and hypertension. These are illnesses which are manifested by what we feel inside, our emotions. Albert Einstein wrote the formula E=(mc)*(mc). The universe is composed of energy. Our bodies are microcosms of the world and the universe. So, when one practices positive energy activities, i.e. love, compassion, empathy and inclusion, these emotions manifest themselves on the outside, that is our physical body. When one practices negative energy emotions: i.e. hatred, racism, lust, exclusion, jealousy, these emotions manifest themselves on the outside as well. When a person gets diabetes, food becomes the enemy. This is because the energy is unable to be absorbed by the body in an efficient manner, causing the blood glucose level to go up. As an educator, I believe in a holistic health approach. That is to say, I believe in effective management of energy. I am 47 years young, do not suffer from diabetes or hypertension, but have studied patients who do. My advice, open yourself to the universe at a young age, cease to harbor negative energy and let the positive energy flow. This has nothing really to do with diet, it has more to do with emotions and motivations. Try to if possible, to become self- actualized, for understanding is the key to management of the inner body, which manifests itself in the outer body. Purge negative energies from your system. You will live longer, healthier, happier lives. Make someone of a culture which one has been conditioned to dislike, feel comfortable. The universe will thank you, your inner body will thank you and this will manifest itself in better health. Thank you for taking the time to read and absorb this.

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realsis77 2010-10-30 11:14:20 -0500 Report

Id like to lear how to do this. Any advice because sometimes I feel like I'm swimming in a sea of nothing but negitive all around me and it really brings me down! I mean to the point I don't want to do anything I'm feeling bad ect. Any advice is welcome.

Type1Lou 2010-10-28 09:48:37 -0500 Report

It is perhaps significant that my type 1 was diagnosed while I was in a high-stress and competitive management position and 5 months after I was separated from my first spouse. I've always thought that the accompanying stress may have triggered my genetic predisposition to diabetes. I've been living with diabetes now for 34 years and thought I had it under good control until about 6 months ago. I'll be seeing an endocrinologist in December to see if we can figure out why, all of a sudden, what was working for me, no longer is. It's probable that aging is a factor now. I can't identify any particular "stress" for this recent change. Accentuating the positive and realizing that we have the power to make many choices affecting our condition can only help. (My choice was to seek referral to an endocrinologist because I wasn't convinced that my internal medicine doctor by eliminating Novolog and increasing Lantus dosage was taking me down the right path) I also get upset when people say they "HATE" diabetes…it's wasting energy and not dealing with our disease in a constructive, beneficial fashion. I don't necessarily "LIKE" diabetes but accept that I have to deal with it or it will deal with me in ways that are unpleasant at best.

GabbyPA 2010-10-28 09:14:34 -0500 Report

I have been investigating a lot of these concepts of late. I found a member here who is a Reiki practitioner and she is helping me a lot. On my own I have been learning to clear out the negative and fill myself with the positive. I agree 100%. It may not cure the diabetes, but it certainly helps with the healing of our body as a whole and making it work for us instead of against us. Thank you for offering this post.

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