diabetes and celiac disease

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i'd like to try some of the recipes listed here but don't know how to change the flour to a gluten free alternative? i want it to be lower carb too and some of the gluten free ones seem to be higher carb. my daughter is celiac and lactose intolerant so there are lots of restrictions. sugar substitutes? safe or is sugar better?
thanks, ann

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lmkilday 2011-07-17 12:11:37 -0500 Report

There is a low carb flour (Carbalose) which someone told me is used by people on gluten free diets. Type "Carbalose" into your web browser for more info.

Crashnot 2010-10-27 18:46:11 -0500 Report

Hi Ann,

I've only started experimenting with flour substitutes, as my celiac was just diagnosed a year ago. However, my current "good" mix is a mix I make up and store in the fridge. I grind my own grains with an inexpensive grinder called the Family Food Mill. But you may be able to find these individual flours at health stores as well. My mix right now is:

1 part oat flour (gluten free of course)
1 part flax flour
1 part almond flour
1 part tapioca starch
1 part potato starch

This mix comes out to THINK 280 carbs/cup flour. My hen scratching is a little off at that point in the recipe. You need to add 1 teaspoon of Xantham Gum per cup of flour in the recipes as well. It's REALLY good in chocolate chip cookies and quick breads and pancakes. One of the kids loves the cookies, the other loves the bread, but they hate the opposite. Go figure!

At one point in time I thought I'd be doing lots of baking experiments and could post my recipes on the net. That hasn't happened yet, but I did pull together a page of all the different flours, their characteristics, and their carbs. You could refer to that in selecting different mixes.

The rule of thumb is you need one part flour to one part starch to get a nice flavor, but starches are murder in the carb department!



aine52 2010-10-27 19:13:13 -0500 Report

thanks so much lisa! now i have a flour recipe! my son in law has been experimenting and has come up with a wonderful choc chip cookie recipe. but my daughter and i both miss pizza dough that rises and croissants. we found bread at trader joes but haven't made any but banana bread, i think your flour mix may be a lighter one than we have used. so to figure out the carbs i guess i'll have to figure out the values for each flour seperately. thanks so much for your help!

Crashnot 2010-10-27 22:56:13 -0500 Report

Gluten-free Girl and the Chef have a new pizza dough recipe that's supposed to be pretty amazing. I haven't even looked at it yet, but you could try starting there, and then substitute a few of her ingredients with some lower-carb ones. Not sure if the actual recipe is here, but this is how to make it:

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