The Nature of the Disease, and the Consequences thereof …

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As with anything in life, if the required action or attempt at correction is not taken, the consequences that follow can be disastrous, if not devastating.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can make this fact of life become a reality.

Type 1 Diabetics do know this, they must take insulin in order to stay alive, and there is no flexibility in this matter, none at all.

Type 2 Diabetics have a varying degree of flexibility; most type 2’s have the option of controlling their disease based on their choice of foods consumed and exercise.
Some may also require insulin doses, medication, and eventually the reduction of weight.

There is so much information available out there, from books, to videos, and websites dedicated to diabetes care and wellness.
It all becomes meaningless unless “YOU” take an active role in managing your diabetes.

It may not be easy, but it is necessary, doing so will reduce your chances of suffering from many of the complications associated with “poorly managed glucose levels.”

Ranging from the mild ones:

1) Dehydration via Frequent Urination
2) Yeast Infections (Vaginal or Penile)
3) Weight Loss or Weight Gain
4) Confusion
5) Blurred Vision

To the severe ones:

1) Microvascular Problems
2) Macrovascular Problems
3) Hypertension
4) Neuropathy
5) Kidney Disease
6) Heart Disease
7) Diabetic Retinopathy
8) Cataracts, Glaucoma and other Vision Problems
9) Erectile Dysfunction
10) Gastroparesis

Fortunately you can prevent or alleviate many of these complications.
It requires that you to take control of your diabetes, with the help of your diabetes medical management team, and a controlled plan to manage your glucose level.

Remember this, there is always someone who has struggled just as much as you have, and has shown great progress managing their diabetes!

You can do it!


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