Are you ashamed of being a diabetic?

By MAYS Latest Reply 2010-10-26 00:06:56 -0500
Started 2010-10-24 20:14:52 -0500

Are you ashamed of being a diabetic?

Don’t be; let other people know that you are.

You can help others who are (and who are not) diabetics to understand the importance of diabetic healthcare.
You can lead by example, you can educate others with your knowledge about diabetes, you can show others what should be done to help you, or other diabetics in case of a diabetic emergency.

You will also lessen the effects of stress on yourself by having a means to release bottled up emotions that you may be holding within yourself.

The possibilities are endless, it starts with having the courage to say, and display that you are a diabetic!

If you have a medical emergency bracelet, or pendant, wear it, if asked about it, explain the purpose for it (how it may help to save your life one day).

Set an example for others to admire, and to follow.


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kafie 2010-10-26 00:06:56 -0500 Report

yes i am .i have been a diabetic since 1989 and what make me ashamed is that my wt. keeps going up and down.and i get low sugars in public and people look at me like i am a freak.i also can't afford the med.alert

alanbossman 2010-10-25 10:18:46 -0500 Report

Hi Mays great post. No iam not ashamed of my diabetes. If i go out to eat i pull out my test kit and put it on the table and check right there my BS level and if its breakfest i take my insulin shot at the restaurant. I also wear my medical bracelet and my dog tag one with usb with all my medical info.

realsis77 2010-10-25 06:44:10 -0500 Report

Good post mays. I wear my bracelet and I'm ready to answer any questions that may arise from wearing it . No I'm not ashamed. It happened to me now I deal with it like we all deal with our disease.nothing to be ashamed about.

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