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in this salsa,citrus shows its two sidees, the sweetness of the oranges contrasting with the tartness of lime juice. chipotle peppers contribute a dark distinctive heat. makes four serving. prep time thirty minutes. ingredients salsa four navel oranges one small red onion finely chooped one fouth cup of lime toast, stirring constantly,until aromatic,2juice one fouth ofcup chopped fresh cilantro one tablespoon minced chipotle peppers one clove garlic minced salt and pepper to taste. salmon and spice crust one tablespoon coriander seeds crushed one tablespoon cumin seeds ;one half tablespoon black peppercorns one teaspoon kosher salt one pound of salmon fillet skin remove, cut in four portions.preparation to make salsa:with a sharp knive remove skin and white pith from oranges ans discard. working over med bowlto catch the juice cut the orange segments from their surrounding membrane,letting the segments fall into the bowl. add onions,lime juice cilantro,chipotle peppers and garlic. stir to combine. season with salt and make salmon: heat a small skillet over med heat. add coriander andcumin toast stirring constantly, until aromatic 2to3 mins let cool and tranfer to spice mill or mortar and pestle. add peppercons to the milland coarsely grind all the spices.stir in salt. preheat grill or broiler.coat salmon with the spice mixture. grill or broil on a lightly oiled rack until the fish is opaque in the center. about five mins per side. serve with salsa. make a head tips cover and refrigerate the salsa for up to eight hours. nutrition per serving 302calories 13gramsfat 67mg cholesterol 23g carbs 0 g sugar 25g protien 430mg sodium.

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