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By loner57 Latest Reply 2010-12-04 18:02:48 -0600
Started 2010-10-22 20:07:38 -0500

Hi, is anyone out there having the problem of your sugar dropping low during the night so the morning reading is llow and then eating breakfast and having the reading go high and then low and then high again? I have tried to eat the right foods, I even made a diabetic dessert recipe and that still doesn't help. I made an appointment with an endroconolist but it isn't until next year and I need some help, I am really fustrated. Thanks

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loner57 2010-12-04 18:02:48 -0600 Report

Thanks Lou, I also went to a endrocronologist. He has me under going tests, blood and thyroid. He is also sending me to diabetes nutrion classes. I have tried very hard to watch what I eat, it still hasn,t worked. Low readings are very scary.

Type1Lou 2010-12-02 09:22:09 -0600 Report

Dear Loner57,
I just got back from my first endocrinologist visit in 5 years precisely because I started having scary morning lows. I've been a type 1 for 34 years and thought I knew what I needed to do. When my GP started suggesting things that made no sense to me, I felt I needed to consult with an endocrinologist and asked for a referral. She has gotten me back on track but this is what it means: Calculating carbs!!!! ..essential for both Type 1 and type 2 diabetics. This meansYOU have to pay attention to your diet and know what you're ingesting. You have to keep track of this as well as your exercise levels and communicate this to your doctor so they can tailor your meds to your food and activity and get you back in balance. (I don't LIKE doing this but MUST do it if I am to CONTROL my diabetes.)

While we do not choose to have this disease, we choose how we deal with it. I like Jaybee's suggestion about calling the endocrinologist office each day to see about cancellations…the squeaky wheel gets the grease! I had to wait 2 months for my endocrinoiost visit and wish I had thought of this tactic.

Good luck and don't lose faith! As chronic diseases go, diabetes is quite controllable and I guess we should consider that a blessing…not always easy!

peace13 2010-10-25 15:19:19 -0500 Report

I have that problem a lot during the night i tend to drop so i eat a snack or drink juice then in the morning im either still low or my blood sugar spikes
what i try to do is eat a small snack before bed it sometimes helps

whitetigress 2010-10-25 10:09:54 -0500 Report

Are you checking your BS before bed? If it is low (or even low normal), I would definitely be having a snack. The best snack would be something that has protein and fiber as this will be a slow release overnight and you may not drop. Peanut butter (natural) and some whole grain crackers, or a fiber bar (at least 4 or 5g of fiber) that also has some protein … don't worry about the sugar. Fiber One is a great choice or a Larabar.

dougz 2010-10-24 23:35:47 -0500 Report

My viewpoint - we became diabetic simply because there’s something wrong on what we eat and how we live our lives (lifestyle). We are living our lives with choices and we have nobody to blame for what comes our way. Genetics may be a factor, but still depends on how we nurture our health. Bottom-line “Life is a Cause & Effect”, thus giving us reminder that we all have to live in balance.

purple69688 2010-10-24 02:46:16 -0500 Report

my blood sugar does the same thing and i have tried everything to get it under control but have had no luck with it they are talkin about puttin me on the insulin pump

markoni 2010-10-23 22:29:39 -0500 Report

If you don't feel a low blood sugar during the night, you might want to set an alarm for 2 or 3 am and correct then

loner57 2010-10-24 12:18:32 -0500 Report

Hi markoni, I am usually up quite early since I can't seem to sleep for more than 4 hours, so I do check and then make something to eat. Thanks

jayabee52 2010-10-23 19:31:25 -0500 Report

Are you trying to control DM by diet & excercise, using an oral med, or an injectable?

loner57 2010-10-24 12:16:41 -0500 Report

hi jaybee, i don't really control my diet, i don't want to lose any weight since i lost 45lbs in 3months. I am trying to put on wight and eat right for the sugar, I do exercise 3 times a week and i use an oral med. Thanks

jayabee52 2010-10-24 18:06:34 -0500 Report

Howdy Pamela

Well, every day that you're free, and their office is open, could you call the Endo's office early in the day and ask if there are any cancellations for the day and offer to take that. If you do that you might get lucky and get in sooner than next year. My bride Jem really wasn't able to control her BG#s until she got an Endo looking at her case. It took a while for them to get on top of the bad #s and bring them down closer to "normal."

Perhaps he could increase your oral med, or decide (with your permission) to put you on some type of insulin. The endo who sees a lot of PWDs, has a larger "bag of tricks" than a GP.

From what I can tell from your description here (I am not a Dr, by any means) it sounds to me like you might be a LADA, (type 1.5) and may be having Ketoacidosis, which can be very dangerous. (I could very well be wrong too, but it might be something to ask the Endo about. That's why it would be important to see if you could take a cancelled appointment slot and try to get in earlier.)

Insulin might help you with putting on weight, but that is a decision best left for the Endo.

May God's richest blessings be to you and yours

James Baker

BTW: Welcome to DC!

GabbyPA 2010-10-23 19:18:00 -0500 Report

When you are eating your meals, are they balanced with carb, fat and protein as well as your veggies? Sometimes breakfasts get too many carbs and without other things to slow down the sugars. Like cereal with milk is rough unless you add something like an egg or some cheese or something along those lines. So look at your balance and see if that is what is causing the roller coaster ride.

loner57 2010-10-24 12:13:46 -0500 Report

hi gabby, yes i have been trying to balance out everything and somehow it isn't working yet but i will keep trying, thanks.

GabbyPA 2010-10-25 07:36:29 -0500 Report

It can be most frustrating. Keep working close with your meter and let it tell you things. Write everything down, because then you can start to see patterns that before just kind of slip by. Night time lows are scary, and the alarm clock idea is a good one until you feel that it's in control.

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