Diagnosed in May with 8.7 HA1c; now down to 6.0

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Hello to everyone! Let me start off by saying that I was diagnosed in early May 2010 with type II as the result of a physical. The results showed that I had a high glucose reading and the follow-up fasting blood work showed HA1c of 8.7 with fasting glucose at 147. I’m 44 year old male and I've been overweight almost my entire life, so the diagnosis was not so much a shock as a reality check. I'm 6'2" tall and at the time of my physical, weighed 326 lbs. I was placed on Metformin (750 mg extended release, once a day) on May 5 and then scheduled to meet with a diabetes counselor. After meeting with the counselor for the first time, on June 4, I was given the usual targets to meet (try to get A1c below 7.0, keep glucose between 80-130 before meals, 80-140 2 hours after eating).
Sept 10 was my follow up visit and the results were very encouraging; HA1c had dropped to 6.0, my glucose level was 83 (this, 2 hours after eating a yogurt) and my weight was at 298. Has it been easy? For the most part, it has. BUT, I do occasionally stray from what I SHOULD eat and have something I WANT to eat. This is a lifetime disease, and to eliminate everything I like from my diet, for the rest of my life just isn’t something I could handle. For me it is easy to go back to a controlled diet, after I stray, simply because it’s easier to not eat something than it is to learn to live without a toe, foot, leg or eyesight. You know, all of the complications that can occur from unchecked/ uncontrolled diabetes.
I have found that by keeping a spreadsheet of what I eat, and adding to it every day, I can easily see the effects of certain foods on my glucose readings. I have also setup REALISTIC target weights that I want to achieve, and the dates I would like to achieve them by. By realistic, I am talking about 1 to 1-1/5 pounds per week. In the nearly five months I’ve been checking my glucose, I’ve had only 3 reading that were outside of my recommended ranges, and I attribute that to the daily reminder I give myself; I am a diabetic.
The main point of my posting is to give those who are having a tough time, some hope. It is a difficult thing, trying to change eating habits and patterns we have developed and followed over our lifetimes. But, looking at the nasty alternatives, it should be motivation to at least give it a shot. Make sure you set realistic goals and make sure that you monitor your glucose as directed. Good luck, and feel free to send a message if you’re having a tough time and need a little support!

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