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I was told to lose weight and change all my eating habits a couple of months ago. I have seen some change in how things fit. I refuse to get on a scale. I exercise. My issue is that I see my doctor in 2 weeks and am so afraid of what she wants to do with me next. I hate this and am actually losing sleep about it!

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realsis77 2010-10-20 13:01:17 -0500 Report

Hi Welcome too our family. Don't Worry what ever the doctor recommends we can help you deal with.and accept.remember the doctor will be helping you manage your condition.its important you follow through with your treatment plan . I'm Also newly diagnosed two and a half months ago. I Use two different types of insulin along, with pulls to help me keep my sugar. Under control. I was scared at first also but read ask questions learn and soon the fear will leave you and you will settle into your routine. Let let us know how things go ok.

RAYT721 2010-10-20 05:32:54 -0500 Report

First of all, welcome to our family/community. I am sure that many of us can relate to the feelings, fears and frustrations you have. It's not easy to change your lifestyle and YOU are the only person can do it. Diabetes is a disease and since there's no cure, it's important for management to follow the advice of the doctors with diet, exercise and medication when necessary. I am not on meds (neither oral nor insulin) and have been doing well with keeping my numbers under control. I have dropped 23 pounds but that wasn't done overnight. I firmly believe in taking baby steps and that's how I've managed to keep my sanity. Do you feel that you've been in denial for the past few months? That happens a lot. The reality is that the numbers (weight and BG) won't lie so a little follow up on your part with weighing yourself and testing could prove to be beneficial for your appointment time. The exercise will help with the weight loss and the dieting will help you not only with the weight loss but in hopefully bringing down your numbers. Testing is a good way to determine how certain foods affect you. It's funny… some people can eat certain things that others can't so knowing the difference with your body is how you'll find the success that you need. You are among a group of people who have, are and will be going through exactly what you're experiencing so we are here for you and glad that you're here for us. Please keep us updated. My advice is to do the best that you can and to make sure that you are being fair to your doctor and that you doctor is being fair to you. The doctor probably won't tell you what you want to hear if you're not following the advice so only you know if your fears are justified. You can wait and see how things are going to go and lose sleep or you can get on board to really do whatever you have to in order to see the changes you want. You won't lose weight overnight so if you take baby steps with the food and exercise, you'll find yourself reaching your goals. The complications from uncontrolled diabetes are a lot more inconvenient than changing your life… your mind, body and soul … for the better!!! Let us know how we can help.

joethecat 2010-10-22 02:28:48 -0500 Report

Thanks for the support. I do not get on a scale. I just don't want to depression from day to day even if it could be possitive. I have found that after a couple of months of changing my ways for the most part and cheating some that clothes that didn't fit across my stomach before are overlapping. I don't see the difference but my husband sees it and tells me all the time that I am getting "skinny". What I am seeing is that clothes are fitting me that didn't before. Maybe my way is crazy but it is how I have to deal with it for now. It is so exciting to fit into things I haven't fit into for years!