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I have been a diabetic for several years, but I haven't taken it sereous.
Now it's cridical.
I've had 3 strokes. The one in the back of my brain. My colestrol is almost to late.
My problem "now that i"m scared" I just can't do menu's! Do we have a menu sheet? Or is that something that could be incorperated?
I can't read very well and my husband spells for me.

VA sent me a lady that helps, but she does't know diabetic diets.


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RAYT721 2010-10-19 17:11:20 -0500 Report

First of all welcome to our family/community! So many people think about and talk about a diabetic diet but there's really not a specific menu plan that everyone can enjoy or follow. For some they like and/or can tolerate beans while for me, I would rather eat beans. Some people can have ice cream and others cannot. Some can eat bagels (not me… boo hoo). It's really a matter of your body, tastes and meter on what you can and cannot have or should I be so bold as to say should or shouldn't have. I am not a militant diabetic so I am pretty liberal with myself in what I consume for carbs, fat, calories, etc. I have dropped 23 pounds since January so if I gain or lose a pound or two either way I am not going to flip out. I am happy with myself and my numbers. Other people need to watch more carefully. I don't have all of the answers for you because your taste buds have alot to do with what's going to work for you. I firmly believe in variety and my wife and I right now are on a quest to find new recipes and try them. We've found some good ones and bad ones. I get some recipes here, some on DLife, some in library cookbooks, some from friends and some from various magazines. I also tweak my tried and true favorites to include healthier ingredients… brown rice instead of white, lettuce leaves instead of bread, less meat and more veggies, etc. I have also given up most sugars and use substitutes in my coffee. Others will swear by using real sugar. It's a matter of taste, waste and waist. Develop your OWN menu plans over time and you'll find a happier and healthier you. I will have a small candy bar on occasions but gone are the days with the chocolate bars the size of my car. I drink more water now. I exercise more. I have cut back on the beer which I thought was a food group in the olden days but I may have 1-2 beers when relaxing. Take baby steps!!! I didn't gain my weight overnight and can't expect to lose it overnight either. Getting on board with your menu plan is a slow process. I am NOT on medication so what works for me may not work for you, depending on your body (mind and soul). I love Dannon light and fit yogurt and I love it… it loves me. One of those for breakfast with an Atkins breakfast bar is a perfect breakfast although I will switch off with an egg dish or bran cereals or whatever from time to time. I use leftovers from dinners for my lunches and/or switch off with a Wendy's $1 salad or lighter lunches than I use to eat. I snack alot during the day… nuts, low fat cheeses, or lean lunch meats. I get enough but not too many calories, fat grams, carbs, etc. I wrote a discussion called "Snack Attack" here on DC… you can search for archived discussions. Our dinners vary and as I said we are trying out new recipes. Tonight we had a garlic baked asiian catfish and a new asparagus recipe on the side… no bread, rice, pasta, etc. This is not to say we won't eat those kinds of starches but I save my carbs for things I really want/need/like. The other night we had pasta (dreamfield pasta = low carb) and another night we had a slow cooker enchilada skillet (lower carb) that was awesome. If you ask ten people for their diet plans, you will find ten completely different answers. Find out what works for you. Test, Test, and then Test. The right answers will come for you. Diabetes is a life long condition but realize, please, that we are here to help you and happy to have you in our world. Please let me know if there's anything that I can do to help. When I started on this board I thought for sure that I was annoying people with my "dumb" questions and ya know… not that far from then is NOW with ME having the confidence, experience, education, motivation and inspiration to help others. YOU will be one that we are turning to with our questions and not too far in the future. Sit back and relax. We're in it to win it!!!

GabbyPA 2010-10-19 14:36:53 -0500 Report

Hi Betty,
There are recipes here in our Recipe section that you can mix and match to make a menu. I have done that very often. I will choose a main dish, a side dish and maybe a salad or a drink recipe and make a meal out of it. I do that for several days and then I make a shopping list from the ingredients I will need. That way I have everything in the house and ready to go.

There are a lot of recipes on other diabetic sites as well, such as or Just look for something that offers you the nutritional values so you can mix and match wisely.

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