Ignoring the warning signs

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Started 2010-10-16 11:30:24 -0500

I have been ignoring my diabetes. I have been through several emotional events over the past 8 years. I lost my father, mother, aunts, and just recently one of my best friends. It has been rough. I have been eating more and more, emotional eating. I know it is bad and dangerous. Please give advice…

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jayabee52 2010-10-17 23:05:06 -0500 Report

Dear Christopher
I am very sorry for your losses. I know how losses such as that can hurt as I have recently lost my bride "Jem" after being married a little over a year. I know about the emotional eating, big time, 'cause I fall into it too.

You ask for advice. To be able to try to advise you, it would be helpful to know what, if any, treatment plan you may be on. If you aren't doing anything now to treat your DM (diabetes mellitus), I suggest you should get to your Dr, and let him/her know what's happening in your life and what symptoms you are experiencing. It is important to get control of your DM as soon as possible.


God's richest blessings be to you and yours

James Baker

realsis77 2010-10-17 13:42:40 -0500 Report

Hi welcome to dc. I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. That is always hard I know first hand I recently lost my father. Just try to think I know your parents would want you to take care of yourself and I know its so hard right now but you must.also know you have people here who care about you and will support you the best way we all can! The conquiences are far worse. Try to do something for yourself. Maybe see a grief counsler or join a group of people online going through the same things you are. Reach out. People will reach back. God bless you and I hope I helped a little. I know loosing parents is the most horriable pain. Please take care and keep us posted on how your doing.

RAYT721 2010-10-16 16:06:08 -0500 Report

Stop… Look… Listen!!!

I'd like to welcome you to our family/community and while I know it's overwhelming you can get through this. You won't find the answers here (not all of them) but you'll find a genuine bunch of people who will help you in many ways. I know that I have. I've only been here for 6 or so months but learned so much and you will too. I will tell you that the confusion you face today will get easier because you'll still be confused in a year, five years and even at the ten year anniversary but you'll have peace of mind in knowing that what have, are and will go through is "normal." … I have always wanted to be normal and this is as close as I get.

Emotional eating is brought on by emotions. Now I am not being philosophical here. Hungry? Try taking the edge off with a work out. Have a glass of water. Do a crossword puzzle. It's sorta kinda almost similar to quitting the habit of cigarette… change the routine! Hungry? Drop me a line… email. Write a discussion or reply to one. It's hard to hold a t bone steak and type. (I know… I tried).

If you feel you need a friend, look me up. Need professional counseling? Call your insurance plan or local United Way. Whatever it takes… take the steps to get what you need. Ask!!!

I want to welcome you to Diabetic Connect and I want to hear more from and about you. Please share, give and take from us. We're in it to win it!!!

What can *I* do to help???

GabbyPA 2010-10-16 12:30:25 -0500 Report

You have taken the first step by seeing what you are doing. This destructive behavior can be a wake up call if you let it be that.

Loss is so hard and to loose so much so fast it heart breaking. I can only imagine what pain that must be. Perhaps you could work on one thing at a time and do it in honor of the ones you lost. Let's say you promise to test every day for your father. You promise to visit a nutritionist and get your lifestyle diet set up to honor your mother....and so on. It could be a way to remember them and allow them to still be an active part of your life.