Confusion: What can we talk about?

By Guardianstone Latest Reply 2010-10-17 18:13:35 -0500
Started 2010-10-14 19:46:20 -0500

I am confused. Am I allowed to speak my mind here?
Can I know what the rules are?
I'm a flag waving, God fearing, Cold war vet. I gave over 10 years to defend this, MY, country. I'm not comfortable telling people what they can talk about. I have alot of trouble when the rights I fought for are no longer mine.
Someone has said that I can't talk about politics, religion, how I feel, what I like or dislike. WHY!
YES I AM ON MY HIGH-HORSE! I am furious. My dedication to the United States is not something I am ashamed of. I served in a time that the RED MENICE was real, and we expected to be blown up any day. I taught Pilots, civilians, officers, and NCO's. I served as a mobility specialist, and worked many supply positions. I was not one allowed to serve over seas, BUT when I was called to watch over the new forigen students I did so with knowledge that I was representing and defending my country.
Why should I avert my eyes and close my ears because someone says this is not the proper thing to talk about?
I am a PROUD AMERICAN. It's my right to say what I want. You have the right to not listen.
Don't you dare tell me I can't talk about politics. You sure let everyone know what your opinion was. YES THAT WAS POLITICAL. And Yes I'm yelling.
Guardian stone Disabled USAF NCO

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highlandcitygirl 2010-10-17 11:43:08 -0500 Report

My husband is a cold war vet too . I am a another kind of vet. Politics run this country in every aspect of life. If a person is running for political office , they are putting themselves up to be judged . It is our duty to look for the truth and vote for the lesser of what is sometimes two evils . My family motto, woods family, from old times, " for my country " is also the motto of every red- blooded American there is ! My people came on the boat and My people met them on the shores. I hear you vet, I hear you.

Wardog 2010-10-16 22:07:23 -0500 Report

I served for 20 years in the Navy. I believe that if a person or group is paying for an Internet forum that I am using for free then they have the right to set the rules for using it. If that includes no politics or religion, which is quite common btw, than so be it. If you were paying for something, wouldn't you want to set the rules for using it? The reason for the no politics or religion rule is to keep discussions on topic, and not allow them to digress into philosophical debates.


Guardianstone 2010-10-16 23:20:04 -0500 Report

I'm sorry Wardog,
This began with a news article on this site on the passing of the health bill.
It is of intrest to diabetics. It is political(sorry not my fault). It is contravercial. We should know about this, good bad or othewise. We need help. we need solidarity. If we fight we get everyone demanding for themselves and no-one working for all.
Isn't that what we are here for?
I don't want to fight. I've done enough of that.
I'm not angry, just tired of the fight.
Diabetes is vicious. We get depressed, angry, scared, frustrated, upset, say things we don't mean, blurt things out without thinking.
Even if you realize you didn't want to say what you typed, it's too late. You've hit post to all.
It'e easy to do.
Guardian stone
Go Navy - Aim high Air Force

marla50 2010-10-17 18:13:35 -0500 Report

The one thing I like about this site is that after 44 years, I am able to see that I'm not alone. Other people feel diabetes is a vicious mean disease. And some one else gets frustrated,upset etc. I agree with wardog. But I also get alot from what u write gs. Out of all the ranting,I got something helpful in your ranting. I have started getting really angry when I get down to the low 30's. It's starting to scare me and those around me. It's the disease,and it is a horrible thing to have. Thanks gs.

petals 2010-10-16 15:07:29 -0500 Report

First of all thank you for serving our country!!! Second of all, this is America, talk about what you want to !! USA!!!!

MAYS 2010-10-16 11:51:33 -0500 Report

In my opinion, talk about whatever pleases you!
Just be prepared for one of three (3) things which are bound to come:

1.) Praise
2.) Criticism
3.) Silence

You will touch some, and shove others (as I have done here in the past).
Take it in stride either way, be yourself and stand your ground!
Be who you are, not who (or) what someone else may want you to be.

Most "harm" is due to a misunderstanding, or it is self implied by the reader, as long as you are not directing it at an individual personally by name, I don't see any harm being done.

That's just my opinion, and your option.


Guardianstone 2010-10-16 14:25:16 -0500 Report

Thank you Mays;
I haven't been on the web that long. I don't understand the 'rules', or implied rules. I have asked where I can find the rules of this site, and the web. No one has explained, just objected.
Guardian stone

MAYS 2010-10-16 14:42:12 -0500 Report

Since the "Dawn of Time" there have been no clear cut rules about voicing one's opinion, the rules only state that there will be some differences of opinion, expect it to come in many forms, if it even comes at all.

The strange thing about written words and phrases is this, everyone has a different interpretation of them than the person giving it.

We are all family here, bound by diabetes, trying to help one another …


jayabee52 2010-10-16 17:11:53 -0500 Report

I have a saying (I think it's my own):" no matter how clearly one says something there always seems a way to MISunderstand it. Sometimes it seems like some actually WORK to misunderstand what was said (or written)."

I work hard to try to make myself understood, and if misunderstood I work to clear it up. However there are those who seem not to want to understand. After several attempts (I haven't had that experience here on DC - yet) I have to quit beating my head against the wall of their willful ignorance and let it go, and realize I can't win everyone over.

PS is your migraine better? I pray it is!

HisTxLady 2010-10-15 21:29:24 -0500 Report

Ok Guardianstone I tend to agree with you. I, myself, am very grateful for the vets of our land. They have stood and protected this land for many years and threw many wars. I have a huge "Thank You" for each one of yall. I also am a strong believer of the Good Lord and our Father. I always put a "God Bless" at the end of my post, and it is because of the Good Lord that I am smoke free today, Thank You Dear Lord, and will remain that way. I am not to sure of the "RULES" either, but I don't care to talk politics myself but if you do that is fine with me. BUT Please do not try to tell me I can not talk about my Savior for he is my best friend ever, and not being able to talk about him would be like not being able to breath. So I get your point and I agree, what are the "RULES"?

God Bless, :o)

Guardianstone 2010-10-15 11:11:24 -0500 Report

I am sorry. I'll shut up now.

jayabee52 2010-10-15 15:51:10 -0500 Report

I certainly hope by that you do NOT mean you will go away! I hope you will feel like you can chime in on discussions still. I don't want to see you go away.

GabbyPA 2010-10-15 09:28:43 -0500 Report

What discussion did this happen in?
The health care bill has been addressed in many ways here. It does affect us directly, and many of us have very strong feelings about it, both that it is good and bad.

linlong 2010-10-16 22:47:24 -0500 Report

I am a brand new member of this group—just joined a few minutes ago. I thought it was a support group for diabetics, but all I seein this discussion is dissension about religion, politics, and freedom of speech. Am I on the wrong site?

Guardianstone 2010-10-17 00:17:22 -0500 Report

I am so sorry that I put the fox in the chicken pen.
I let myself get too wound up. I wrote with a spitefull heart.
I have hurt my family. I am sorry.

jayabee52 2010-10-17 03:23:31 -0500 Report

as far as I am concerned, you are forgiven.

PLEASE don't beat yourself up.

We all get wound up from time to time. The trick is to deal with the frustration and perhaps to give it some thought for a while.

I am certainly not a perfect person, but you don't know how many times I have started a reply to a discussion but it didn't feel quite right so I ended up hitting the cancel link until I could put further thought into it.

May I suggest that if you get wound up like that again that you talk it over with someone you know is pretty steady and you trust their judgment, and use the DC email system to discuss it with them.

That is what I'd do if I got irritated by something.

Blessings to you and yours

Guardianstone 2010-10-17 00:10:39 -0500 Report

I am sorry about the back-lash that you found today. Please don't judge the people of this site.
I was spouting off when I should have kept quiet.
I'm sorry. I can't say that enough. Please stay with us. We can play well w

jayabee52 2010-10-16 23:16:24 -0500 Report

Please don't judge DC by just this discussion, linlong. There are many discussions where support is found. Look around, please and interact with us, and get to know us.

Blessings to you and you and yours

James Baker

hogrider37 2010-10-15 08:45:24 -0500 Report

Guardianstone, You and I as well as probably many other vets on here defended our country and our right to freedom of speech, relgion and political beliefs. I agree with you, I fought in a war and I believe in my country and will defend her to the end. There are many religions on this website and we should all respect each others religions and beliefs and not degrade them. We should be able to say what we feel and believe as long as we respect others. I agree politics shouldnt be brought up in here cause there are many countries represented here and we are not fighting politics, let the politicians do that. Were here to help and support each other with our disease. This is one place where backgrounds, religious, political beliefs, race and anything else should be put aside and we can interact as human beings and not Americans, Isreaslies, Egyptians, Iraqis, Iranians or any other race. We are a family with one thing in mind. OUR DISEASE. thankyou

Guardianstone 2010-10-15 11:04:57 -0500 Report

I understand what you are saying. I know we are a melting pot of cultures and hurt feelings can be had by saying hello.
The news article I had been reading was not my post. Nor were any of the responses. I wrote a question to eveyone on the site.
I was angry as I felt yet someone else was taking away my right to say something.
I will try to not speak my mind. I apologise to everyone. I do not intend on saying anything to upset or anger anyone. I'll shut up.
Guardian stone

hogrider37 2010-10-15 11:27:49 -0500 Report

you wont upset me and you shouldnt have to shut up. Thats one of the great things we have with our freedom, freedom of speech, No one should ever be allowed to take away someones rights. Maybe other democracies but not in ours. Remember freedom of speech and religion is a right not a privilage. We earned that right by defending our freedom here and abroad. I a Vet and proud of my service and donate my time for many service groups. But we should actually need to keep to the subject of this website, thanks for listening

kdroberts 2010-10-14 20:33:31 -0500 Report

I'm not really sure what you are talking about, I assume somebody has said something to you somewhere on the site, but I will point out a couple of things. This is the internet, it's available in any country, is not specifically American and this particular board is not an American only board, there are people from many different countries across the world using it.

It's long been an established courtesy rule on internet forums like this that the subjects of religion and politics be kept out of discussions unless the discussion is specifically about something political or religious. Some forums have specific sections for this type of discussion, some have specific discussion threads but generally it's advised not to bring it into regular discussions. You don't know who is reading the boards, you don't know where they are from and you don't know what their belief system is and you can end up insulting people because of the culture differences.

Guardianstone 2010-10-14 22:28:45 -0500 Report

I am sorry that I have offended you. The subject was the bill that was passed on health care. If I am wrong about speaking up for our right to speak I am sorry. I thought that was one of the American rights. If I am wrong I appoligise.
I noticed that a response was posted telling everyone that this was a political topic and it did not belong here. Since I have seen other complaints from this individual of political and religious topics being inapproprate for this venu I responded.
It is not my intension to start a fight or war. I just would like to know why I as a member of this community am taking heat over being politically wrong.
Am I over reacting? I obviously have hurt feelings.
I am sorry for that.
I'll just shut up.
Guardian stone

Harlen 2010-10-14 21:53:31 -0500 Report

Cant add a thing
Best wishes

Guardianstone 2010-10-14 22:32:04 -0500 Report

Thank you Harlen..
Did I go too far?
Am I wrong to say anything?
I feel betrayed. Let me know what you feel.
Guardian stone

Guardianstone 2010-10-14 23:17:13 -0500 Report

You are a true friend. Thank you.

I have a hard time understanding why my opinion is not allowed here. When I said I was angry I was. There was a political discussion about the health bill being passed. A woman said it did not belong on this site. She had posted this message before and I got on my soap box and asked what the rules are. I know there are people from other countries and other customs here, but what is the difference between telling someone why you think something is wrong, and asking why, and explain what your reasons are for the rant?
I know a rant is frustrating, but so is being treated as a dimwit. I am sorry to bend your ear, but I'm curious.
Guardian stone

Harlen 2010-10-15 14:57:37 -0500 Report

Well for me I dont like to bring up things I know will make others rant and or rave
This site is for diabetes and I try to stick with that subject help when i can and but out when I can not but thats just me
Best wishes

Harlen 2010-10-15 16:00:02 -0500 Report

You can talk of anything you wish just know that some will rant and rave
Best wishes