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Take Advantage of the Help Being Provided to You

There are many “Free” and reduced prescription, and medical help programs all across the country.

Check within your community, the surrounding area, and your state to see what is available.
Do not look upon it as either a handout, or an entitlement, it’s simply help.

These programs can, and may consist of some of the following:

1) Free or reduced Prescription Medications
2) Medical Exams and Screenings
3) Dental Care
4) Social Services Assistance and Care
5) Senior and Disabled Care
6) Health and Wellness Care Classes

The list is endless; many of these programs are available at your local pharmacies, medical clinics, hospitals and community centers.

Some programs will cease to exist due to budget cuts, or non-participation.

If it’s available to you, and you need it, use it.
If you know of someone who can benefit from it, pass it on.

Stubbornness, Pride and Shame have no place in survival.

If you were drowning, would you turn away an attempt at saving your life?

If you, or someone you know has diabetes, take the time to find out what services are available that can be of help to you.

There is help out there, seek it out.


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