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You know how all alot of you say that you can get a free metor. Well it is not really true! Because I have tried the only way is if you are type 1or 2 and on Inlsuin with out being on insulin you are out of luck.

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Dev 2010-10-16 16:39:01 -0500 Report

We got a free meter from OneTouch. The trick is to get from the company whose strips are covered by your insurance. Because strips are the once that burn a hole in your pocket.

hogrider37 2010-10-15 06:19:46 -0500 Report

I get a certificate in the mail every year for a free meter. havent paid for one yet. Im not on insulin just pill type medication. Like everyone says, just google it or got to the manufacture website. Good luck.

spiritwalker 2010-10-12 21:58:58 -0500 Report

I have been diabetic for 25 years and have never paid for a meter. There are many sites including this one that offer free meters. If there is a brand you really like google them and they will give you a site. Most of them offer free meters. Its the
test stripe that are expensive.

sisson 2010-10-12 20:05:59 -0500 Report

Thank you guys I will try agian.

michelle2969 2010-10-16 09:49:28 -0500 Report

Try the one touch site ,they sent me one free. And another program I am in is Sure Point and they sent me another free meter, free strips and free lancets. they work with most insurance companies so hope this helps.

patchman 2010-10-24 13:35:26 -0500 Report

Hi. Do you have a link to the Sure Point site? Thanks.

jayabee52 2010-10-24 16:23:36 -0500 Report

Here is one link to sure point site. Hope it's the right one - it looks like it from the first page:

Hope this is helpful.

Blessings to you and yoiurs


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Pynetree 2010-10-16 09:22:51 -0500 Report

Yes, also ask a Doctor or endocrinologist. If they don't have samples, then they can tell you where to go on line .

mo91108 2010-10-12 11:53:30 -0500 Report

I got 3 free meters without telling them I was on insulin, and I got my father a free meter, telling them he was on pills, because he is.. So you can get meters for free, if you get diabetes forecast, or any of that. I got one from dlife.

GabbyPA 2010-10-12 09:59:07 -0500 Report

I got a free meter from Bayer and Free style just by going to the website. I am type 2 but not insulin dependent. Now...I don't use those meters because they are too expensive to buy the strips for. I keep them as a back up for now.

lawish816 2010-10-12 14:16:13 -0500 Report

what is a cheaper strip.. right now imusing freestyle lite andthey are pretty pricey

Harlen 2010-10-12 07:42:02 -0500 Report

If there is a typ of meeter that you like or just wish to have all you need do is call the maker of the meeter and they will send you one free.
Ie you still have a hard time getting one let me know and I will send you one of the menny I have.
Best wishes

Kaiyle 2010-10-12 06:22:09 -0500 Report

Hello my friend,

I don't know where you have tried to get a free meter from, but you actually can get a free meter without being on insulin. I've received two free meters as well. I got my free FreeStyle Lite meter through the site below. You can click on here and get yours too.

FREE Savings & Support.
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FREE meter and lifetime battery replacements — just for joining now.‡

Chrissy6341 2010-10-12 03:25:44 -0500 Report

I have received 2 meters, free, in the mail. 1 is the freestyle light which just came last Friday and the other is and the other is The one touch ultra mini in purple (you have a choice of what color you want.

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