You Tube - Site for sore eyes (ears, feet, and other ailments)

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I love listening to music while surfing the web so there are many times when I will open up two browser windows… one for the music to listen to on YouTube … and the other for whatever sites I am cruising on. (NOTE: The reason I have to open two windows is so that I don't have to sit here and just sit on YouTube because once you close out, you're disconnected from the site.)

For those of you who haven't been on You Tube ( there is a mind boggling amount of information and music and various audio/video presentations on everything from medical conditions to exercise to old tv shows to anything you can (or can't) imagine.

As for any information that you get online, watch out for those things that are strictly sales based because there are a lot of scams out there. Using caution to avoid such traps, you can find a great deal of education, entertainment, information, music, instruction, interviews and so much more.

While writing this discussion, I have found diabetic recipes, an old Jack LaLanne TV exercise show episode, interviews from DLife TV, and I've been playing the song "Car Wash" over and over again. :)

One of my dear DC friends recently messaged me some classical music you tube videos which were most appreciated. Her thoughtfulness was what prompted me to share this popular media form for those who may not be turning to YouTube for inspiration, education, motivation or whatever you may be searching for.

Remember the old commercial, "try it, you'll like it!" ???

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