Have you ever had ... "One of those Days?"

By MAYS Latest Reply 2010-10-13 23:49:19 -0500
Started 2010-10-06 17:57:09 -0500

What do you do when you have one of those days when it seems like everything that you do turns out to be wrong, or to go wrong?

Do you simply wait for the dawning of tomorrow, or do you try to salvage your day?


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RAYT721 2010-10-07 21:17:17 -0500 Report

I try to make the most of "those days" … like the time I got my head stuck under my desk at work. Luckily it only happened once. After the bleeding stopped, I went on to enjoy the rest of my day knowing nothing was going to top that experience. … I firmly believe if people are laughing at me, they are leaving other people alone. :)

CaliKo 2010-10-07 15:12:01 -0500 Report

PS - And if you are having one of those days, here's a (((((((( H ))))))))) for you. If you are not, keep the hug anyway.

CaliKo 2010-10-07 15:08:18 -0500 Report

I just try to remind myself that part of the charm of being human is having days like that, and not to take it too seriously.

petals 2010-10-07 14:27:01 -0500 Report

My entire week has been like that!! So I am just going with the flow and praying alot!! Seems when one thing goes wrong, a thousand more have to follow!! I am laughing alot too or screaming alot lol

Guardianstone 2010-10-06 21:01:10 -0500 Report

Hello Mays;
A very good question. I have had many this year.
So many days that bad news piled it's way ever higher. The new medical, financial, and rules change on a daily basis. I have been known to 'not hear' what is said. I've cried, screamed, begged, starved, and other methods of responce.
The problems don't get better by ignoring them. I am trying to calmly look for a solution. Not easy especilly with my memory loss. I have forgotten what I read 20 mins ago.
Gods love
Guardian stone

Guardianstone 2010-10-13 23:49:19 -0500 Report

One of those days are common enough in our lives. How we deal with them is a reflection of our own character. If we can laugh at ourselves we are able to continue with the rest of the day.
Guardian stone

jeffrey9127 2010-10-06 18:23:53 -0500 Report

MAYS, Sometimes I have those days when it seems everything goes wrong. I am not sure how to explain what is happening, but nothing seems to go right once things go wrong. Usually when I realize what is happening, I stop what I am doing and plan to start new the following day. I have found that the harder I try to continue, the worst things will become. Sometimes I sit and review how I think things went wrong. Usually by the next day things seem better and I have a better day. If you are having a bad day today I hope it becomes better tomorrow. Good Luck!

MAYS 2010-10-06 18:50:18 -0500 Report

Jeffrey9127, Thanks for the vote of confidence.
I was actually just curious as to how others deal with situations such as this.
When things start going wrong, and start accumulating, I simply take a break, look things over and decide if it's worth pursuing at that moment, if not I leave it for a later point and time if possible, similar to your method.

I'll fold that vote of confidence up and put it in my pocket for a later date!
And once again, "Thank You!"


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