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Would it be helpful to lean sign language or learn to read braile for people that have diabetes? With our chronic disease of Diabetes there can arise lots of complications that could alter our lives in a bigger way than watching what we eat. One of the things that I'm learning from doing a paper in one of my classes is that Neuropathy or nerve functions can be come destroyed over time with can lead to hearing loss, loss of vision, and worse loss of limbs.
So, lets say that if you had the choice to learn and/or study either sign langauge or Braile; would you? Would you want to perpare yourself in case if you lose your hearing or eye sight?, Would you feel better knowing that there was a way to stay connected to the world if something should happen to you?

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RebDee 2015-02-11 10:29:30 -0600 Report

I took two years of American Sign Language in college as my foreign language. It is fun and easy to do and you might even be able to get a great job working for the government in courts, etc when needed,
Due to possible retinopathy, I got in touch with the Braille Institute to learn as much as I could. They have given me both a special tape recorder and a CD player and every month send me a list of new books that have been recorded for the blind. I get to listen to books on tape all the time and it is wonderful.
I have not yet looked into learning Braille but perhaps that is the next step for me. I try to give back to the Braille institute but giving them large print books, old eye glasses, and clothes that no longer fit. They stop at my home about once a month to pick up (but they call first so that if I have nothing at that time, they will call back the following month).
Once you are in the Braille system, you can also get many other things such as orthopedic shoes. I am allowed one pair per year (any style and color that is available). These shoes are great for people with neuropathy.

GabbyPA 2010-10-06 15:32:02 -0500 Report

It couldn't hurt. But don't let it become a self fulfilling prophesy.

I know sign language, I learned it to help my best friend's sister and it grew into a passion to help others. I have been out of it for years, but I still see it now and again. I have never learned braile, but I had a friend in Jr. High school that was blind and I did an experiment to find out what it is like in his world. For an entire weekend, I blindfolded myself and tried to do my everyday things. There was one kitchen cabinet I always ran into and knowing what is in a can is very hard until you open it. My most frustrating thing was putting tooth paste on my tooth brush. I even slept in it...it was very interesting and I learned a lot.

The thing I have learned from each is that we are able to live without some of those things. We can still do many things, we just have to do them differently. So go ahead and learn it. Even if you don't need it for yourself, you might find that you can use it to help other people around you.

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