Hi all ! I got put on lantus yesterday

By realsis77 Latest Reply 2010-11-16 15:52:58 -0600
Started 2010-10-01 16:43:33 -0500

I went to the doctor yesterday and he put me on lantus. My numbers were too high and lantus is supposed to help me to lower my levels for 24 hours. If I do get a high still then he wants me to still use my sliding scale of humulan. It comes in a pen form called solostar. I really like the pen its easy to use and painless. So I start out with lantus in the morning just one shot all day. I wanted to keep you all posted on what was happening with my treatment. So far so good ! Thank you all for being here for me. This should help quite a bit I'm hopeing along with diet and excersice of corse! So that's the news! Thanks for supporting me through this!

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Evelynkay 2010-10-26 14:17:44 -0500 Report

Hi realsis ,
I,m also on lantus ,novalog and a new one Victoza.I was told to use my Lantus at bedtime .Did your Doc say anything about taking it at bedtime.Also the victoza really helps dring down my #s.but my a little worried about the side affects they say it may cause and it is very expensive.

leonmelton 2010-10-05 17:55:41 -0500 Report

i just started on lantus so i' still in the adjustments for a while but i am encouraged this will work. i have heard good thing s about lantus and it seems to be working for a lot of you.

realsis77 2010-10-05 18:52:02 -0500 Report

I'm sure il have some adjestments also its going to take time. Im amazed at the difference in my numbers
already ! Its Been doing a good job . I'm Really happy with the pen it comes in. its much easier than the syringe!

rlk-fd-ems 2010-10-04 19:33:56 -0500 Report

I have been on Lantus for three months now. I started on ten units at bedtime. After the first week I faxed my numbers to the Doctor and then the nurse would call me and tell me to increase my dose by five units. This continued until my numbers started to go into the normal range, I am now on forty units. I have also lost twenty five pounds since starting on Lantus. I am working on my diet trying to get rid of my bad habits and working out. I usually have a little setback on the weekends.

realsis77 2010-10-05 09:17:33 -0500 Report

Great job! I'm Glad to hear lantus is working well for you! I Hear that the doctor starts out with a low dose then moves up too larger doses. He has also started me on a low dose.I Did have to use my humulin yesterday along with lantus so my doctor will likely be moving up my dose next visit also.some days I only need lantus. I Really like that it doesn't peak like other insulin. For The first time in a long time I've seen great numbers! I'm Really excited I think this will work out well for me!

jjhnpa 2010-10-03 14:07:34 -0500 Report

i too am on lantus i take 32 units at night and during the day i am on the sliding scale with humalog. it is working but sometimes it runs like 105 which is a good thing but because i am so use to it being in the 200 which is a bad thing i get nervous thinking the 100s is low- so confused, just diagnosed in july.

slsgem76 2010-10-06 10:42:31 -0500 Report

i hear you, just was diahnosed in July. When I went into the emergency room my blood sugar was 790…now when I am at 100 i freak!!

packrat2 2010-10-06 18:08:34 -0500 Report

yes when you get to 100 it should be about lunch time or dinner, I have been type 1 for about 48 yrs. and when I see 100 or lower I start to think about eating a meal…

realsis77 2010-10-06 10:52:31 -0500 Report

Its Funny we get so used too being high when our numbers are correct we feel worried I do the same thing! I'm checking it twice!

realsis77 2010-10-03 14:29:23 -0500 Report

I know what your saying! I do the same thing! Im also still on my sliding scale of humulan. I get nervous when I see my loewe numbers too I'm not used to them either! Its Funny isn't it!

bad luck
bad luck 2010-10-03 14:12:35 -0500 Report

I am lucky that they caught this early, The lantus seems to be working great. I test three times a day and all been in normal range for the past two weeks. I lost another few pounds by going to gym 5x a week.

realsis77 2010-10-03 14:34:15 -0500 Report

Great Job! So your new on lantus too? I'm glad its working well for you.

bad luck
bad luck 2010-10-03 15:05:45 -0500 Report

I thought that I wouldn't be able to give myself shots, my first time I was ready for pain(I didn,t feel thing!). I hope my health stays good.

realsis77 2010-10-03 18:02:37 -0500 Report

Same with me! I couldn't even look when the doctor gave me shots but once I gave myself my first shot it was so easy and then when I got put on the pen wow! Super Ready and totally painless! I was amazed! I just love the solo star pen! Such a small needle!

rlk-fd-ems 2010-10-04 19:54:19 -0500 Report

Me too, I hate needles. Can you believe that I worked fifteen years in the back of an ambulance? I can start an IV on anyone but just never could stand the idea of getting stuck with one. I also was on dialysis for three years before getting a kidney transplant the nurse always tried to get me to do my own needle sticks but I was adamant about saying no.
To make a long story short when the nurse was teaching me how to give myself a shot I thought to myself O boy here I go. I did not want to look like a wimp so I just inserted the needle and to my surprise it did not hurt at all. But at times there is a little discomfort and once I hit a nerve which stung just a very little bit and my reaction was that I pulled the needle out and I thought that was dumb because I had to stick myself twice:).

hogrider37 2010-10-07 09:26:14 -0500 Report

Im like you, I HATE needles. I work in a Dr's office now and an ER for 4 years. I could look at anyones blood but if i saw mine i was on the floor. Its funny how we are like that. I guess its just normal.

realsis77 2010-10-05 09:26:02 -0500 Report

I Worked in dentistry for a long time and asembled thousands of needles but when it came to assembling mine it scared me at first too! Now its not a problem but at first I doubted if I could do it. Its Funny how we just get used to things we have to do isn't it !

Kirla 2010-10-03 10:34:48 -0500 Report


Glad to see that at last something is finally working for you. I am very lucky because after I stopped eating bread, pasta, potatoes, corn, cracker, cereals, oatmeal, snacks, chips and most products that had more than 5-6 net carbs per serving and by drinking lots of water and eating salads and low carb vegetables, my numbers all came down to normal levels in less than 2 months.

I was able to stop using meds and have never had to use insulin. I have been meds free for over a year and a half now. I have found that almost everyone who has gotten their blood sugar under control and no longer need meds have done similar things to control there blood sugar. I believe if people follow a low carb diet and test before and after each meal along with some kind of exercise can also control their blood sugar without meds or insulin. I was hoping you would be able to do it also.

But no matter, there will always be people whose pancreas is damaged beyond a certain level and will need to use insulin for controlling there blood sugar. If I ever lose control and for some reason can’t get it back, I will be looking to you, to help me with the insulin thing. I took orals for 7 weeks and had such a hard time with them I swore I would never use them again. For me its either diet and exercise or insulin. Nothing else.


mo91108 2010-10-01 21:26:07 -0500 Report

I am a type 1 diabetic and all I use for now is Lantus. I really like it. I hope it helps with your sugars and Good Luck :]

- monica

realsis77 2010-10-01 22:51:10 -0500 Report

Thank you. I really seem to be responding well to lantus so far. I had my very first good reading after dinner tonight! I usually would have to inject after dinner my sliding scale insulin but not tonight! I was so happy that my lantus worked all day for me!

bad luck
bad luck 2010-10-02 05:17:32 -0500 Report

Lantus seems to be working for me also! The doctor lowered my shot from 15 to 12 and this seems to be working out. I only have to take one shot per day, at bed time.

realsis77 2010-10-03 14:00:00 -0500 Report

Yep I take one shot a day in the morning then if I'm running high I use my sliding scale and my other insulin.

realsis77 2010-10-03 18:17:25 -0500 Report

Its Working so well so far I've only had to use my sliding scale insulin only once! I went from three shots a day too one! I'm Looking really good on my numbers ! I'm so excited finally something is working and preventing highs! Im not just chasing highs anymore

Harlen 2010-10-01 18:39:10 -0500 Report

I have used it
It didnt work very well for me but I m resistant
Let me know how it gose
Best wishes

realsis77 2010-10-02 10:21:39 -0500 Report

Hi harlen! It.seems to be working great so far! I didn't have to use my other insulin yesterday and I was.amazed. After dinner I was 115! I've never been that good after dinner ! I'm usually in the 200 range! I could not believe it I checked twice to make sure I was reading it correctly! I just hope it continues because one shot A day is great I was taking three! So we will see.