My husband was just diagnosed with diabetes and I need some tips

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Hi there my husband was just diagnosed with diabetes the doctor wants him to start off with 500mg of Metformin once a day eventually working him up to 1000mg twice a day. My question is what else can we do to really try and get his diabetes under control the doctor mentioned diet and exercise changes but he wouldn't get too specific. Any tips or suggestions would be really helpful.

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mo91108 2010-09-29 14:50:45 -0500 Report

Well if you two have no problems moving around, a walk after eating about an hour after is a good start. I started walking the botanical gardens by my house, and worked my way up to jogging almost 2/3 of it every night. My asthma keeps me from running too long. Also what kinds of food is he eating, and did they tell him to count carbs or calories? Also I keep a journal of what I eat and at what time, how much and Etc. If he has enough strips have him test an hour or two after he eats to see what types of food and how much affects his Blood Sugars.

Good Luck & God Bless.
- monica

Dev 2010-09-29 13:59:26 -0500 Report

Getting numbers in control with diet and exercise is possible so in addition to the metformin you should encourage your husband to exercise regularly and be aware of when, what and how much he eats. My husband was diagnosed year and a half back. The following things worked:
- Checking BS after you wake up, before meals, and 2 hour after meals. (This keeps a constant check on BS and motivates when the number overall start to go down.)
- looking at the carbs and glycemic index of various ingredients already in diet. reducing the quantity or replacing some of the high carb and high GI foods.
- As you reduce, replace or increase ingredients or food items, the checking of BS would help. It will tell how his body processes foods. Though there are lists of low and high GI foods, I have seen that it does not always follow exactly in my husband's case. So figuring out how each food affects his BS helps.
- Not changing the diet drastically. Our diet is heavy in rice coupled with beans, daal etc and veggies. Instead of changing it drastically we just changed the portion sizes to start with - lesser rice, more daal and veggies. This is important so that the change does not feel like a burden and is accepted easier. Accepting the Dx is already difficult. accepting a drastic change in diet is too much stress added to that.
- Regular Exercise - it need not be heavy exercise in the gym everyday but there has to be some component of exercise added as an everyday thing you do.
We saw a consistent drop in BS when he was exercising and now we are seeing sticky BS numbers that are not budging since he is not exercising regularly.
- keeping a note of the BS numbers with what he ate that day and showing it to the doctor at the next visit. It is easier for the doctor to adjust the dose and time of it based on it.

Check if you have a diabetese education center or something and go for their sessions. We have a comprehensive health care center for diabetes close to us that he wanted to join. My husband was forced to go for 4 sessions that talked about the condition, diet, effects of high BS and such. Before he was even allowed to see a doctor there. It was frustrating to be forced but I think it helped him to come to terms with the Dx, know what to expect and also the diet part.

From my side, I think forcing him to take charge of his life instead of me taking care of his diet helped. He made those changes and manages diabetes himself so it doesnt feel like I am nagging him into it and there is more of ownership of what he does. I am hoping that will keep him going for longer than if I had managed things for him.

I hope this is helpful.

PS: There are a lot of food items people think are good to control BS. For eg. Cinnamon and somebody also mentioned something about some kind of water. You will find all kinds of information in various posts. But keep in mind that different things work for different people. and some informed trial is necessary to get handle on your particular situation.

alanbossman 2010-09-29 10:47:56 -0500 Report

Hi and welcome to DC family, most can eat everything with portion size meals and some use low carb meals. Your husband test 2 hrs after every meal and check his numbers if they are to high then he will know not to eat that again. keep a journal of his meals. read all food labels also. white bread,white rice,white potatos. are high in carbs. these will spike blood sugar. you can eat more vegs and chicken no skin,turkey,fish are also good choices.

wilrey 2010-09-29 14:15:54 -0500 Report

On the cinnamon I was told about a lady that was taking 6000 mg/day and was doing great. She was able to cut down on meds. I have been taking about 3000/day and if I feel that my BS is high I will take a couple of capsules. Walgreen"s has them. I hate this disease…

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