Hats Off to The Caregiver in Your Life!

By GabbyPA Latest Reply 2011-08-08 20:41:23 -0500
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In these past few weeks it has come to light just how much a caregiver sacrifices for the ones in their care. Unlike a hospital, where you have a paid staff in 2 or 3 shifts to care for someone, a typical caregiver is just one. A loved one caring for a loved one. It is a 24/7 job with sleepless nights sometimes. It is being at a beckoned call and having little time for yourself. Just the concern for the one in your care can take a toll that few people understand. It is exhausting, and you will have a place in heaven just for your selflessness here on earth. I applaud you who sacrifice your needs to take care of the needs of the one you care for.

For those who are the ones being cared for, I simply say…tell your caregiver just how much you love and appreciate them. They don't do it to hear that, but it is nice from time to time to know that appreciation is there.

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lilsista39 2011-08-08 20:41:23 -0500 Report

Oh my yes hats off !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give praise to all the nurses,transporters,doctors,specialists,Aides (James) you know who you are.Thank you so very much ,and yet the list goes on.At times it seems endless just likes my tears,its quiet now so I can let them flow (jay)

jayabee52 2011-08-08 19:23:11 -0500 Report

Thank you so much Gabby. I had been a Certified Nurse aide for 11 years, and I enjoyed it. I also cared for my bride "Jem" both experiences were fulfilling.

One thing Jem knew how to do was convey her love and appreciation for her caregivers. It meant a lot.

Auburn Bill
Auburn Bill 2011-08-08 19:12:43 -0500 Report

I was a caregiver at the Matthew House for dying cancer patients for years. The satification in oyur heart cn never be expressed in words, the Lord has blessed me to have known those folks ad care for teir needs. Loved them all, Grandpa Bill

kafie 2010-10-08 00:50:16 -0500 Report

i totally agree. i was a caregiver for my mother for 5 years and she was in very bad health with diabetes and heart problems .I got so wrapped up in her problems i did not take care of my own health >i to a a diabetic and found out in feb.that i had a heart attack last year and did not know it .I do understand.My mother did tell me before she past away she loved me and she did not know what she would have done if i was not there for her.boy do i wish she was still here for me to take care of .She is in gods hands now.i am now fighting harder to get my health better.

Katydid1952 2010-09-27 20:18:47 -0500 Report

Yes it is hard, By profession I am a care giver at a long term medical care facility and I come home from work and continue. Who cares for the caregiver?

GabbyPA 2010-09-27 20:28:52 -0500 Report

That is kind of my point. I have had a few weeks of extra care to my two that I care for, and it has been taxing. Sometimes I feel bad when I am at my whits end and cannot muster a good feeling as I do my 7th load of laundry for the day. I battle with feeling sorry for myself, and I know I shouldn't...it soon recovers, but I often wonder who would care for me in such a way. It can be a frightening thought if I dwell on it. So I don't, and I switch the button to "warm/cold" and add another cap of laundry soap.

Gwen Morten
Gwen Morten 2011-08-07 15:27:56 -0500 Report

if you can at least once a wk or so try to get some one to come over and cover for you while you go out to a movie, shopping, out to eat or something. you are an angel but you need to take care of you too! i'm a caregiver by profession and I work 7 days a week! sometimes i'm so tired until I just have to take a day off to recoup! take care and be well.

GabbyPA 2011-08-08 18:11:52 -0500 Report

Thank you. Now my time has passed and my husband is out of the woods and back to "normal", what ever that might be. LOL. It brought us closer than ever, and he still thanks me from time to time for being there for him. I love him so much....it is nice to know he does too.

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