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By edson Latest Reply 2010-09-29 10:40:03 -0500
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I have had an on-and-off itch on the top of my left foot for about 6 months. It seems to be getting more consistent now. My Podiatrist mentioned it could be neuropathy, though he said that a "tingling" would be a more usual indication. My endocrinologist had not heard of this problem before. This is the first symptom I have experienced - I am told the circulation in my feet is good.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any comments welcome! Thank you.

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Guardianstone 2010-09-29 10:40:03 -0500 Report

just saw your msg. I hsve had a rashlike possible fungus on both feet for 2 yrs now. my dr (now gone) perscribed Nystatin and Trimcinolone Acetonide cream USP & Hydrocortisone cream USP 2.5%. Not working. Still itches and burns.
Guardian stone

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