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Well, good morning all you good people! It is Sunday morning and just had a fantastic cuppa coffee brewed by Johanna my owner. I also finished being in the shower. Must do that whether I want to or not again my boss Johanna puts me in there twice weekly. I don't like all that water on my head, reminds me of walking in the rain… Often I try to bring in an umbrella but again there she is suspecting me of trying to just do that.
Yes folks, it is not easy being married with the same woman for 60 years, they get to know you too much. Even my blood sugar agrees with me that today is a very good day. I even found my long posting about the pump or MDI use.
It was in the NOW file. This seems to be going on for many pages, the NOW file. Or was it Newest file? Did I tell you that I'm a brand new member, yes I did so! Are there any other long timers with our beloved diabetes around? I will try to get that medal like Richard also got. Difficulty is proving that I haved it for 50 years. Most witnesses are very dead and that makes it very difficult to get a word out of them. But have to wait untill Dec 20th I believe it to be, just when Johanna had baked for the Xmas table I could't touch any (But I did anyway.)
Don't tell anyone, I may not get my medal !
I have started my Auto-biography on advice of my friend Richard. May take more than a year I feel.
I better stop, this is going to be a book again…

Have a good day!

JB that's me!

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