type 2 diabetic morbidly obese

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I need motivation

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Usha K
Usha K 2011-06-14 17:32:48 -0500 Report

WELL First of all just remove the word MORBID as you are still breathing and alive.
Watch teh BIggest loser on the TV show get the motivation!!!

Secondly what will do to put your actions into active phase!!!!!!!!!

LOg in everyday what you eat for at least 3 weeks.

THEN within the next 3 months:

Cut down 1/4 of Carbs , sodium ,sugar ,and all the junk that you have been eating for you are really not going to be satisfied!
Add old fashioned Oatmeal 4 tbsp. in everything that you bake or cook.If you are in the habit of eating outside subways or fast food have oatmeal once every night.

Add 4 different peppers or just cut them and bake and add rosemary garlic when you have cravings. Have everyday one plateful.
Atleast start with 2 glasses of water.

Buy the kidney beans or a small bag of ebansn soka them and boil and stem cook them and have it plain by itself/.

Walk for 1/2 everyday 7 days a week.

Log in everything
Your physical activity Your mood, your emotions your weight your height any changes

2nd month
Develop you r weekly menus depending on what you really like to eat by choosing recipes from online rcih in Calcium rich in Fiber rich in vitmains and min erals.
Buy Trail mix nuts and have only 2 tbsp.

drink plenty of fluids: water ,soups, grean Tea or Chai with mint leaves.

Stay with the oatmeal veggies and beans one serving each in a day's time.
Walk long walks : 4 times without giving any excuses.

3rd month :
Find a great gym that you like to go to and join and be consistent in going to the gym.

Design different kinds of soups by your own taste!

Walk at least 3 days in a week for 1/2hr. regularly.

Drink buttermilk with cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder.You can get non- fat yogurt and add 50% water and beat with a egg beater have at atleast 900 ml in a days time keeping sipping now and then. This helps digestion process.

Eat delicious food all vegetarian download great recipes form websites.
You cna have fish or shrimp and eggs and chicken too nwo!
RECORD all activity your weight loss and your strength training at the gym etc.
You dhould always have ag readual stp down and gradual step up or inclusion of new things your meal planning.

I am sure you are goign to be amotivatro to tohers one day like me!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2010-09-27 08:17:13 -0500 Report

I find that it helps to have a goal in mind. Can you envision yourself as you would ideally - and realistically - like to be? What would be an ideal body weight? What kind of activities would you realistically like to be involved in? What would you like your average day to look like? Build that picture in your mind. And work backwards from there. What is it going to take to make that vision a reality? Make a list, and you will have the steps you will need to take to reach your goal. It might be helpful to talk about your vision of your ideal self with your healthcare professionals and enlist their help in creating a realistic, step-by-step strategy for making it real. Yes, the keyword here is realistic. Create a plan that you can feel comfortable commmitting to, that fits with your needs, capabilities, and lifestyle. Pull your supporters together -- including your friends on Diabetic Connect -- and let them know how they can give you help and encouragement. Set yourself up for success, not failure. And best wishes to you!

Tracy J
Tracy J 2010-09-26 10:37:19 -0500 Report

Hello my name is Tracy and I pray that I can be of encouragement to you. I do know what you may be feeling being obese and having diabetes too. I would consider myself to still be obese today,but not like in the past. What I am saying is I was 323lbs when I begin my serious quest to take my life back from the hands on the enemy. I put all mt trust in GOD knowing that prayer changes things. By HIS GRACE AND MERCY, I have been blessed to loss 100lbs and keep it off and still continuing the Godly mission for more miracles in HIS NAME. I encourage you to not get frustrated and talk it over w/JESUS and I come in agreement for you that the battle is already won for you too. Keep your head up high and know that I love you and GOD loves you the most. P.S. Place your picture in your profile as soon as possible.

bicker68 2010-09-26 04:45:27 -0500 Report

I'm here for you if you need to talk just send a request to befriend me. You are not alone on your quest, many of us on here are trying to lose weight and get our bs under control. All you can do is take one step at a time and set small goals at first and remember we are all here for your support. Welcome to DC…

Miminv 2010-09-26 02:09:35 -0500 Report

Keep coming back to this site and you will find what you read and learn will become more and more normal as you go. Keep it simple and learn as much as you can about type 2. And remember that you already know more today then you did the day before. Good luck and hang in there.

msann 2010-09-25 22:20:38 -0500 Report

hey, welcome, you just have to start with small goals, and you have to feel good about yourself,look up because you looking to the lord ,dont look down, take care of yourself!!!!!

Harlen 2010-09-25 21:15:57 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome
the best thing we can do is get up and move not to sey you dont .
The more we get up and go walk the faster we can drop the lbs
Best wishes

GabbyPA 2010-09-25 20:55:05 -0500 Report

You have come to a good place then. There are many of us who are working to loose weight and get better control of our diabetes. What are some areas you want to work in first so we can help out better?

Crashnot 2010-09-25 20:40:59 -0500 Report

Set simple goals for yourself and work on them one at a time. Counting and reducing your carbohydrates would be a great first step. After that, controlling your blood sugars will almost happen by itself.

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