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halo to all
i obsderved there is considerable increase in my weight after started taking insulin.pl comment.I look forward pl

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Crashnot 2010-09-25 10:09:30 -0500 Report

When your sugars are running high, your body flushes them out through the urine. Now that you are on insulin, you have to regulate your carb intake, as the body can finally convert it to either energy (if you exercise enough) or fat. Gaining weight is NOT a reason to allow high sugars! It might be a nice way to stay trim, but it destroys your body in the process. Regulate your carbohydrate intake, exercise, and you'll be feeling great in no time.

alanbossman 2010-09-24 22:48:52 -0500 Report

Hello i have been insulin for 2 years and have not gained any weight. i excrise and eat my meals in portion size. i have lost 43 pounds.

Harlen 2010-09-24 21:42:12 -0500 Report

You need to cut the carbs down.
Met and gluc will do the same thing for some.
It may help if you work out more too
Best wishes

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