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Hello family, I need help with research for a paper. The paper is for my ASL (American Sign Language) class. The topic of the paper can be anything that is related to hard of hearing all the way to being Deaf. The paper is not a regular 5-10 page paper, which is nice but I really want to leave the teacher thinking and make it a paper that stands out. So I chosen to do a paper on the link between Diabetes and hearing loss. I have gotten a few sources on the topic but I was woundering if anyone out there has any good information that can help me beef up my paper.
Anyone willing to help me out?

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GabbyPA 2010-09-23 12:19:55 -0500 Report

I don't know about a link between the two, but I have been an ASL interpreter for church in the past and was very involved in the deaf community there. It is a different world to be sure. There are so many things we take for granted. I bet sites like this are a god send to many of them because suddenly, they have no handicap. They can talk to us here and no one has to know they are hearing impaired.

It has been many years since I have done it, and I do miss it a lot, but I don't have anyone where I live that requires it. I am encouraged that you are taking the class. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I love the language. It is wonderful to watch. And boy, the arguments can get heated! LOL

If you want more info, just drop me a note and I will help you out with what I can.

Diane987 2010-09-22 23:20:44 -0500 Report

Remember if you are doing a research paper professors want scholarly resources. That means no wikipedia, no yahoo answers or The link below is a google scholar search on diabetes and hearing loss. Hopefully you can find enough material there to support your paper.

kdroberts 2010-12-08 10:42:28 -0600 Report

Wikipedia can actually a fantastic research tool for research papers. If you look at the medical stuff on there almost all the statements and information has sources that are linked to at the end of the article. Most of the sources are various medical journals and data sources and a lot site specific studies or trials. Don't site Wikipedia as the source but you can find many sources from it. Google scholar is good and so is medline plus but you have to be pretty handy with searching to get exactly what you are looking for.

Beerlilly 2010-09-22 19:18:31 -0500 Report

Thank you very much for all the web links.
Can anyone find the actuall case study for the relationship between Diabetes and Hearing loss.

jayabee52 2010-09-22 20:53:38 -0500 Report

I did a search on "relationship betweed diabetes and hearing loss" I found something on here:
at the bottom of the page Ask gave the reference of the studies they got their info from.

Here are the Resource titles: Kathleen E. Bainbridge, PhD, MPH; Howard J. Hoffman, MA; and Catherine C. Cowie, PhD, MPH. "Diabetes and Hearing Impairment in the United States: Audiometric Evidence from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999 to 2004." Annals of Internal Medicine. Volume 149, Number 1, July 2008.

P. Mitchell, B. Gopinath, C.M. Mcmahon, E. Rochtchina, J.J. Wang, S. C. Boyages, S. R. Leeder. "Relationship of Type 2 diabetes to the prevalence, incidence and progression of age-related hearing loss." Diabetic Medicine. Volume 26, Number 5, May 2009.

I do not know if either of these titles can be found on line or if you'd have to go to a medical library to find them.

I did a search for "Annals of Internal Medicine " and got a hit telling me the magazine was available online, but you had to register (and pay?) to see the entire article. I also searched for "Diabetic medicine" and got this hit: Diabetic Medicine - All Issues - Wiley Online Library. I havent gone farther than that

Knock 'em dead with your paper!

But don't fall into the plagerism trap that many students fall into. Professors and teachers are wise to that game. (notthat you'd ever considered that, of course)

When I earned my Masters degree it was "BC" before computers and the internet. (Actually there was an Apple IIe I could have bought, but instead I bought a typewriter with changble fonts.) My Master's thesis was 75 pgs and I typed all of them. Wouldn't want to go THERE again!

Praying that you put out a good paper on the chosen subject

Blessings to you and yours


Krista Marie
Krista Marie 2010-09-22 18:02:21 -0500 Report

I just wanted to say good luck with your paper, I'm sure you'll do fantastic. That's a great topic, one you don't hear about often.

RAYT721 2010-09-22 16:20:14 -0500 Report

Beerlilly: I can't offer insight on diabetes and hearing loss but I can offer a topic that will set you apart from the other papers. My wife has Meniere's Disease. If you would be interested in an interview of the disease, treatment options, symptoms, etc. you can email me or message me. My wife has been living with Meniere's for around 4 years now and we've gone through misery with various treatments that have not worked, denials and approvals for SSI and long term disability, and so much more. We can easily give you a 5-10 page testimony to Meniere's, which is a rather rare inner ear disorder. Let me know if you're interested but either way good luck with the report!!!

Guardianstone 2010-09-22 14:51:52 -0500 Report

It sounds (no pun intended. Then again …) like this is going to be a great paper. I think the subject is well worth the work. I don't have much information, but I'll see what I can find. Let me know how it goes.
God bless
Guardian stone

mo91108 2010-09-22 14:15:28 -0500 Report

Really? I'm in ASL too minoring in it. Already in ASL3 so only about 1 to 2 more classes until I'm certified!! Good Luck its so fun.

jayabee52 2010-09-22 20:24:24 -0500 Report

MY ex (married for 25 yrs - divorced 8 yrs) is a deaf ed teacher. We learned ASL when we were dating. It was handy when we wanted to talk to each other but didn't want anyone else to understand us. Her mom would see us signing and tell us to "go wash your hands" because she assumed we were talking about sex. After we were married We did that to talk about the new car we were test driving. The salesman, sitting in the back seat answered our question. Turns out he had been a Pastor for the deaf who was taking a break from being a pastor. Of course, we became fast friends.