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By pathetic diabetic Latest Reply 2010-09-21 19:33:01 -0500
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as a result of high blood sugar, it was 452 last year, i am legally blind. i have diabetic retinopathy. i have had some laser treatments but just to stop the bleeding. is there any way i can get my vision to get back to normal or at least close to normal or will i always be legally blind. what about lasik treatments

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alanbossman 2010-09-21 19:33:01 -0500 Report

KD is right you have to control your blood sugar. if you get your blood sugar in control you may get some eyesight back how much i dont know but if you dont control you blood sugar soon you my lose more of your organs and do more damage to your body.

kdroberts 2010-09-21 08:06:57 -0500 Report

With good blood sugar control you should be able to stop it getting worse and you might be able to reverse some of the damage. Most of the standard treatments used for non-diabetics are not much good for retinopathy because of the type of damage. It's something you will need to discuss with your eye doctor but a lot of damage to the body that happens with high blood sugar cannot be undone once it happens, some can be slowed down or stopped and some can be slightly improved though. The best thing you can do is control your blood sugar and go from there.

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