Help In Managing Diabetes

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Help in Managing Diabetes
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about 24 hours ago
Good afternoon everyone. How are all of you doing today? Fine I hope. I am feeling alittle better today after a short nap. I got a Free Guide to Controlling Diabetes online yesterday and Printed it off. I also have a Book by Readers Digest about Stopping Diabetes in its Tracks Some of what the Free Guide says is in that Book. It says there are 4 BASIC STEPS OF MANAGING DIABETES
1.Eat Healthy foods
2. Exercise daily
3. Check blood sugar regularly.
4. Take meicine as prescribed
My Dr. told me even if I can't walk very far I can still walk inside my trailer from one end to the other end to get my exercise.
On the nutrition side of the equation the Guide says to eat regular meals.

Eating every 4-5 hours can help control blood sugar. Don't skip meals, whether you are on diabetic medication or not. That just makes it harder to contol your sugar. Eat a variety of foods. Choose a variety of foods to eat so that your body gets the nutrition it needs. Ask your dietician for help and your friends here also.

Eat less fat. People with diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease, so it's best to follow a low fat diet. Avoid fried foods. Foods that are baked, broiled, grilled, boiled or steamed are healthier to eat. When choosing foods choose those with little or now fat in all areas (meat, dairy, and such).
Eat less sugar. You may find that eating less sugar helps you control your blood glucose level.

Eat less salt. Eating less salt may help control your blood pressure. I don't add salt after cooking and very little then either.

Understand the effets of alcohol. Alcolol can cause health problems- especially for people with diabetes. It adds calories and doesn't give your body any nutrition. Drinking alcohol may cause dangerous reactions with medicines you consume. Your blood glucose can go too low if you drink beer,wine, or liquor on an empty stomach. Discuss with your physician if you plan on drinking alcohol.

Here are a few Exercise Tips
Make sure your shoes fit well and your socks stay clean and dry. Check your feet for redness or sores after exercising and call your doctor if you develop sores that heal slowly or do not heal.
Warm up and strech for 5-10 mins. before you exercise, then cool down for several mins. after you exercise.
Check your blood glucose before you exercise. Do not exercise if your fasting blood glucose level is aboove 250 and/or you have ketones in your urine. If your blood glucose is below 100, eat a small snack.
Know the signs of low blood glucose (hypoglycemia).
Always carry food or glucose tablets to treat low blood glucose.
Always wear your medical identification or other ID.
Find an Exercise buddy. Many people find they are more likely to do something active if a friend joins them. If you can't find a buddy ask some one on here to be your buddy and keep a log here to see how your doing each. I'm going to start a Discussion for an Exercise and Diet to Post weights and Exercise. Weight in on the First Sat. of each Month and Exercise duration each day. Steps I take for the day and what my sugar glucose level is morning, noon, and evening. It will be like a community Health Journal so we can help each other with our goals to get active and healthier to control our Diabetes. Stop in anytime and add your info if you like.

Thankyou for listening to me and helping me to get better as I go along.

Frustrated mom
about 24 hours ago
Thank you Edie for all your information…I hope that you are feeling better… :-)

about 23 hours ago
Hi Eddie,

I commend you on doing some research and wanting to share what you are learning. Reading through your post I want to comment on a few things.

1. The comment on eat healthy foods is correct but most people do not know what healthy foods are. I could expand on this but I have already written most of it in my book available from I do agree that healthy eating is the key but there is a lot of bad or misleading information from the internet, mainstream media and even places such as the ADA where you would expect good information.
2. Eat a variety of foods. This is good advice as far as it goes. The variety should all be good foods and the bulk of them from whole grains, and dark brightly colored fruits and vegetables. The variety should exclude or severely limit inflammatory foods.
3. Eat less fat is very generic and does not distinguish between good fats and bad fats. America took a wrong turn about 30 years ago with the low fat no fat craze. I think the focus should be on good fats and bad fats. The media and even many dieticians and nutritionist stop at “cut down on fat.” They fail to mention that there are 48 categories of fat in the SR 19 food database maintained by the USDA. Yes cut down on the saturated fats, eliminate totally the trans fats, drastically reduce the cholesterol. A really healthy diet has about 30% good fat. These are the fats in fish, nuts, grains and even olive oil. There are a group of essential fats you need for optimum health. These include the omega 3 and omega 6 groups of fatty acids. (more at ) and ( )
4. Eat less sugar. Just like with fat, to just mention sugar is less than helpful. Any thing ending with OSE is a sugar. Some are much worse than others. The ADA says there is no connection between sugar and type 2 diabetes but a few test with a blood glucose meter before and after eating something high in some sugars shows this as inaccurate. Other sugars like fructose and lactose will have much less effect. Even the form of the sugar will make a difference. Fructose in the whole fruit has much less effect in spiking blood glucose than juice. (liquefied fruit sugar) There are however, foods that will spike your blood glucose even more than sucrose or table sugar such as some of the high amylose white rices, russet baked potato, white bread and other highly processed foods made from flour.
There is a lot to learn and a lot of bad or misleading information to sort through.


about 20 hours ago
Thanks Toma,
as always I enjoy the research and solid advice on how to manage diabetes. I am just impatient to get further along in applying this knowledge you have shared. again Thanks.

about 19 hours ago
Thankyou for the added Information I will write it down and look it over and implement it into my life.
Thanks again Tomma.


about 18 hours ago
Hey Edie, you should post this as a discussion so you can share it with everyone.

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Pliss share on my page

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It has been so long since I have started any Discussion on here but going back to my Discussion on Diet and Exercise don't remember right now just how I named it but will go back and get it right again. Will start it again sometime today.