Emotional Eating

By Shellie46 Latest Reply 2010-10-03 13:47:21 -0500
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Hi - I'm new here. I am T2 insulin dependent and orals. I so dislike the "diabetic friendly" meals my husband prepares for me. I always leave the table feeling "empty". The meal had no effect on me emotionally. I find myself cheating A LOT! Whenever hubby or one of my co-workers isn't around. I binge on all kinds of sweets. Especially when stressed. And believe me, I'm stressed! I end up feeling incredibly guilty after I've binged. I'm 46 and fairly intelligent. But I can't seem to stop this nasty circle. Can anyone offer any advice or widom?

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peace13 2010-10-03 13:47:21 -0500 Report

when i first got diagnosed i cheated alot but now i exercise or do yoga i find that yoga helps with the stress

Kaiyle 2010-10-03 08:31:12 -0500 Report

I was an emotional eater, but once I became a diabetic in June of this year, I discovered that exercise keeps at bay, my habitual need to eat to console myself.
When I'm stressed, I do a one hour Zumba aerobics and once I've done that, I have no desire to eat crazy because I'm too tired to go through another hour of high impact aerobics…lol Truly exercise is my combative tool for stress and for keeping my blood sugars under control.

Berryblue 2010-10-02 16:00:46 -0500 Report

This nasty cycle is one that I am well acquainted with! If your meal choices aren't satisfying, you just end up eating more trying to get there. I find it's better to satisfy your cravings with a small portion of what you like along with the lower carb options to balance out.

Shellie46 2010-10-02 15:40:47 -0500 Report

Thanks everyone for your replies! All have been helpful. I'm glad to report that I haven't binged nearly as much lately and my bgs have been 130 and under for about 5 days now. Only one 1 low bg. Fixed it with a small portion of OJ and a piece of cheese. Hubby and I biked 10 miles total Wednesday. We biked to a small country restaurant where I splurged on onion rings and a bunless cheeseburger. So incredibly yummy! We took cheese and frozen grapes to have as a snack at the 2.5 marks. My bgs stayed in the 90s. I'm trying…

stella1954 2010-10-02 12:20:39 -0500 Report

Over the years of being a diabetic(20), I've learned that it's OK to eat regular food but you have to track your carbs and watch your portion sizes. "Diet" meals can be tasty if you fix them right. It will take some getting used. I also love bread and pasta but I have switched to whole grain everything. When I bake I use whole wheat flour, splenda, and the splenda brown sugar mix. I don't bake much as I live alone. You'd be amazed at the difference it makes. You can also learn to modify meals such as beef stew- use turnip instead of potatoes, for instance. It's OK to treat yourself once in a while. When I first began counting carbs as a means of conrolling my sugar, I got mad when I saw the thin slices of bread but now they make full sized slices that are low in carbs. Rice increases my sugars terribly but now and then I eat brown rice which is not so bad.

Berryblue 2010-10-02 15:55:57 -0500 Report

I've been diabetic a long time, also. I still have a control problem—-mine stinks! I was doing really well for a time and lost a lot of weight. But now I have fallen off the wagon and have gained back over ten pounds. I am panicking. I've got to stop and reverse again. I hope that joining this site will be beneficial for me I am under a lot of stress at times from more than one source. One thing that I have to work on is when I get angry at the Food Police! I just want to retaliate by eating even more of their forbidden foods! And I KNOW how STUPID this is. I always tell them that no foods are really forbidden on the diabetic diet—-you just have to control your portions. Of course you know that there ARE some things you really should stay away from if you can because they are triggers.

CaliKo 2010-09-21 10:47:03 -0500 Report

ps - I saw where you said you like pasta and bread. One of my favorite carb snacks is those little whole wheat mini-bagels. Some brands are 17 g carb, and it makes a very good slow digesting carb for my bedtime snack. I get better morning fasting bgs when I have one for my bedtime snack. Good luck.

CaliKo 2010-09-20 17:08:32 -0500 Report

I understand your husband has more time to prepare meals right now, and I'm happy to hear that he understands and cares to prepare diabetic meals. I'm sure you also appreciate his efforts. Maybe it would help if you planned some of the meals together, even if he is cooking them. Trust that the binging on sweets is making it so much harder on yourself. If you will spend your carbs on whole grains and complex carbs, you will keep your blood glucose more level and it will help keep you from feeling so hungry. Perhaps if you divide your food into more smaller snacks, so you don't have to wait so long between eating it might be easier. I eat all day it seems, and it just get so much easier as your body adapts to your new eating habits. You can always have some cucumbers or carrots or whatever low-carb vegetable you like to help tide you over to the next meal or snack. Try it for a month. See how much better you feel and how much better your numbers are. Good luck.

GabbyPA 2010-09-18 22:59:08 -0500 Report

Sugar addiction is hard and very closely related to carb addiction. I don't use the word addiction loosely either. It is hard and will take work to overcome that. Here is a good video on sugar addiction that help you get started.


Now, the other thing that helped me get through some of the emotional eating was to have healthy choices but eat until I was full. So if I had a salad with protein and some dairy in it, I would eat a large one. The same goes for veggies on your plate or even some extra protein. What this can do is help you feel satisfied and as you are eating healthier, you will find that your body is cool with less food because it is healthy or nutritious food. Sounds goofy,but it does work. Here is a discussion I posted when I realized this basic truth.


The other things that help me get over that huge first step is to not eat while watching TV. That is my nemesis. If I get started on TV, the pantry is not far behind. It stinks, but that is how I am wired. So I have to be very careful and if I watch TV with other family members, I do much better. But the best thing is just not to watch TV.

Distraction, distraction, distraction. I find I can do very well if I get busy on a project or something that takes my mind off the disappointment in a meal. Getting on here is one of my best tools. I can't eat and type at the same time...so you guys save me from firge raids all the time. THANKS! LOL.

Shellie46 2010-09-19 10:13:15 -0500 Report

Hi Gabby - thanks for your reply. If only I liked healthy choices. Which I don't. At least not much. I prefer pasta and breads. I'm not a big fan of chicken and can only eat so many salads. I know, I sound like I'm whining ——-

GabbyPA 2010-09-19 14:58:14 -0500 Report

Ok, do you like nuts or beans? Have you tried things like qinoa or chia seeds? They are very healthy but also rather "invisible" to add with good effects. What kind of veggies do you like. Pick some of those and find creative ways to prepare them. Don't start drastic, build up. We do need to realize though that some changes are hard at first, but after you get used to them, they are a breeze.

Guardianstone 2010-09-18 15:19:55 -0500 Report

hi hon, When I get the food binge feeling I hfave a piece of fru

Shellie46 2010-09-19 10:14:42 -0500 Report

Hi! I wish I could have fruit. But most fruit (especially bananas) really ups my sugars. I really like Gala Apples and found a bag of small ones that I have worked into my snack time at work and they are great and don't seem to effect my sugar much. But that's about it.

GabbyPA 2010-09-19 15:00:00 -0500 Report

Do you like berries? They are generally a great snack and rather low on the scale. Strawberries are great for me, also blueberries. Buy them in season and freeze them. Then you can make great smoothies out of that...oh yummy!

donnaejohnson 2010-09-18 14:54:28 -0500 Report

That's why they call it an eating disorder. :-) I do the same thing if I am feeling emotionally stressed. I have found that the only thing that works for me is to take very, very good care of myself in every way. Even if it means saying no to others sometimes, which for some of us is very hard to do.

Have you talked to your husband about what foods you like? Have you considered making your own meals so you can prepare foods you like? Letting someone else be in charge of your food sounds like a dangerous path to me. Just my opinion.

Do you have an emergency plan for getting out of a situation where you feel like binging? It is hard to do, but if you can manage it, tell yourself that when you are feeling the urge to binge, you will immediately put on your shoes and go for a walk. Or go to the library (no food there!). Or make art. Or write in your journal. Anything to head you away from the kitchen. I know how hard this is because I struggle with it, too.

You have my best wishes and enouragement to take very, very good care of yourself. You deserve it.


Shellie46 2010-09-19 10:11:14 -0500 Report

Hi Donna - thanks so much for your reply. My hubby does most of the cooking since he is home more. I work full time and my work days are 12 hrs long. Currently hubby is unemployed - hence the stess! lol But i do like you ideas to ward off binge eating. Thanks!

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