THe Most Recent Report From The Joslin Medalist Study

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I participated in this Study in Dec, 2009. I have followed their progress very closely. The Study is scheduled to end in April of 2011. As many as 750 type 1 diabetics will have participated. All participants have had type 1 for at least 50 years, and have no serious complications. It is hoped that the factor(s) will be found that have enabled these individuals to have long lives without serious problems.

Here is the most recent report from the Joslin Diabetes Center, in Boston:…_...

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Interesting study results. I often wonder if I'm producing insulin when I have a run of days with very low sugars for no apparent reason. But my clinic back in Vermont tested me for that about 20 years ago and the answer was "no insulin at all". Guess I'm just highly sensitive to my insulin and warm weather or light exercise increases that.

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