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By Favgrandma Latest Reply 2011-04-17 18:13:51 -0500
Started 2010-09-16 12:49:06 -0500

Did anyone else see the report about the pokeless blood testing? Sounds great to me as my finger tips are like course sandpaper from testing. Only thing that disturbs me is that it was about Medicare patients of which I have another 5 years to wait. Hopefully insurance will cover this new testing method.

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Favgrandma 2011-04-01 23:54:58 -0500 Report

I am soooo sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Just haven't gotten back to this site. I saw it on the news here in Calif. I have seen it a few more times however they are giving it to those on Medicare and I am not there yet.

Hopieland 2011-04-17 17:59:10 -0500 Report

$20k lets me out! I've heard of bloodless testing but only vaguely somewhere along the way. Some insurance will pay for testing. You might look into They just sent me a free kit for testing in pairs as they call it which includes a card that allows me to buy supplies for not more than $15.00 at almost any pharmacy. Also, I test on the outside fatty part of the palm of my hand—the side opposite my thumb. Its build up a small callous but is almost invisible and using the Accu-chk pen style lancing devise I feel almost nothing unless I press too hard. My fingers are very grateful. Glad you're back! Missed ya! Hugs & smiles.

Favgrandma 2011-04-17 18:13:51 -0500 Report

I'll have to check into the accu-theck system. I o have help from my insurance however still costs me $35 for the test strips for freestyle lite. I do alot of craft work so my fingertips are important to me. Thankyou so very much for your reply. Hugd and smiles back to you.

kdroberts 2010-09-16 13:04:44 -0500 Report

DO you know what it was called or where the report was? This type of testing has been talked about for years but has had problem after problem although there are many different weird and wonderful devices under development. Repeatable, accurate results are usually the downfall. I think there is one device already on the market for hospital use but costs something like $20,000.

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