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By bicker68 Latest Reply 2010-09-17 01:49:21 -0500
Started 2010-09-16 05:35:19 -0500

It seems lately that the sight of food just churns my stomach, and I know with my type 2 I have to eat. Some days I may only eat supper/dinner and it's all I can do to do that. Every once in a blue moon I will want something for breakfast, but not often. Does anyone else have this problem?
I was having problems with my stomach months ago, and they did a 2 hour scan and they found nothing wrong. Even before I was diagnosed with type 2 I wasn't a very big eater, my Husband tells me I barely eat enough to survive a bird. I eat till I'm comfortable and I'm done.

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mo91108 2010-09-16 15:46:09 -0500 Report

I was the same way before I was diagnosed, I had too much going on with school from 8 in the morning till 5 at night so I only ate breakfast, but now I eat all 3 meals daily, it helps you have better control of your diabetes. So maybe if you dont want a heavy breakfast, like a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter for protein. How are your numbers when you don't eat all day?

bicker68 2010-09-17 01:49:21 -0500 Report

My numbers are running between 90-120, but have had 2 incidents ithat each happeneed in the morning where I bottomed out at 40. Didn't take me long to get something to eat and some orange juice.

Anonymous 2010-09-16 14:41:24 -0500 Report

Its normal for me not to even thing about eating till afternoon, I guess its because I drink coffe all day with a touch of sugar. i have also found that if my numbers are over 140 I dont want to eat till they start to drop an then I need a bite…

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