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I was just told my insurance was going to be cut off the end of this month. I cannot afford all my insulin, test strips, syringes, pump supplies. I will die without this medication. What do I do? Does anyone know of any organizations that will help. I make $100 too much a month to qualify for Medicaid. Which I personally think is crap considering I'm uninsurable and a single mom. What do I do?

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red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-04-22 23:17:14 -0500 Report

Wow, just saw this is soooo old! Maybe it will still help others though?

GabbyPA 2012-04-23 10:25:25 -0500 Report

As long as a topic is useful, we feature the old ones. You get input from other people who may no longer be here, but were a strong part of us at that time. Insights are often different and it is good to revisit some of the older posts.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-04-23 10:34:23 -0500 Report

Hi, I didn't see the date when posting, but then yesterday I was checking to see if a reply and saw it. I figured the same thing that it should still be useful to another. I actually just posted this to someone.
Have a good day.

red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-04-22 01:20:10 -0500 Report

Hi, If you work, then they can't drop your insurance coverage unless it is nolonger going to be provided to all employees! If they say it is due to diabetes then it is against the law!! As far as being uninsurable, with new employment, you can be insured as long as you accept it when first eligible other wise you'll have a pre-existing wait added to it. Call your health department and let them know you are insulin dependent and they will refer you to a dr who uses sliding fee schedule. you shouldn't have to pay more then $30.00 for the appt if anything, and the labs range from .50 cents to $3.00. They will tell you the cost before doing it. Then you can get prescriptions that are filled at the health dept. Insulins were $10.00 and supplies almost nothing. This is based on your income. Also, call the hospital as they have clinics and do the same as above. It is possible you won't have to pay anything. Your child should still be covered by Medicaid and you can get foodstamps even though you make too much for the medical. If you were told no, then speak to a supervisor. It is possible that you may have to go off the pump and back to shots, but that is better then nothing.

Your dr now can ask the drug companies to send you meds for free, but they will send the meds to the drs office and you pick them up. If the dr doesn't do it for you, then you need him to write prescription for all things you need and fill out a form for the drug companies, some may require a form filled out by the dr and then you can fax them to the drug companies. This will take awhile to kick in, so you'll need to do the above until approved.

Also your state should have a program for kids where it is like $3.00 or 7.00mo to cover one child and everything, hosp, dentist, eye drs meds, etc are free. This is an option if you can't keep Medicaid. There is help you just have to make the calls. Don't worry it will be ok, just done alittle differently then you are used to going about it, but who cares as long as you have your meds and your child is covered as well.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes and if you need any more help:)

cindygal1 2012-04-21 11:37:24 -0500 Report

Fine out who makes your medicine and then go to patient assistance for that company and you will fine a application to fill to see if you qualifie for their program. if so they will send you a 90 day supply to your doctor's office and they willl call you to pick it up. You must go by whoever makes each of your medication. I was on it for four years.

LLaunders 2012-04-21 10:50:30 -0500 Report

Have you tried the hospitals in your area, especially if they are a teaching hospital. I have no insurance, so I went to the Universtiy of Virigainia. They have a financial aid program. I pay $6 to see the doctor and $6 for 90 day refill foreach of my meds. All tests are free. So look into something like that.

RAYT721 2010-09-15 16:40:02 -0500 Report

Google "patient assistant programs" and "social service agencies" in your area. Contact the United Way Agencies to ask for guidance. Ask if you doctor knows of any clinical trials or programs or samples. The key is to ask, ask, ask.

kdroberts 2010-09-15 12:16:19 -0500 Report

This may be a dumb suggestion but have you talked to your employer about taking a $100 a month pay cut? You would end up saving money long term if that makes you eligible for medicaid. Or, can you pick up medical and prescription insurance from your job?

GabbyPA 2010-09-15 19:27:19 -0500 Report

I was thinking of the same thing. I know it can be too tight to do for the family, but sometimes we have to weigh out the options.

realsis77 2010-09-15 12:15:08 -0500 Report

Sometimes there are patient programs sponsered by drug comanys. I would look up the companys I would call the company that makes your insulin and get there number online. Maybe they can help you. I would also call the diabetic assocation and ask. Hopefully there is a program for you. Best wishes.

realsis77 2010-09-15 12:14:39 -0500 Report

Sometimes there are patient programs sponsered by drug comanys. I would look up the companys name and get their number off the inernet and call them right away! Sd

littlevjdiabetes 2010-09-15 12:06:45 -0500 Report

I did have Medicaid, I went to recertify and they said that they lowered the income level. I have had the same pay and job for 2 years. So they said the end of this month there is nothing they can do.

bicker68 2010-09-18 08:42:04 -0500 Report

Make sure and have a copy of where your no longer eligable for medicaid and contact the drug companies, they will most likely send yoour meds free of charge as long as you have proof you no longer qualify, I had to do that for a couple of years till I got my Medicare. You can also print off the papers needed to be filled out by you off the internet and then take them to your Dr. to look over and get your scripts from him/her and I can't remember if you or them will send them in.
Good Luck to you.


red flower lady
red flower lady 2012-04-22 00:18:15 -0500 Report

She doesn't even need to take the papers to the dr. My dr did it for me and I got my insulins free, but had them up at the drs office as the company doesn't send the meds to the home. It takes awhile to happen though.

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