diiabeties not under control

By Debbieevans Latest Reply 2010-09-23 19:04:25 -0500
Started 2010-09-13 08:45:04 -0500

I have type 2 diabeties since 2008 using insulin but for 17 years before insulin. My a1c level is 9.2. I take novalog on sliding scale and on how many carb I eat. So that's 3x a day before meals. I take levimer 40 units in AM and 50 at nite. My numbers in the morning could run 176-400. Can't seem to get it under control.

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jeffrey9127 2010-09-23 19:04:25 -0500 Report

Hello Debbieevans,
Try starting a log book on what you are eating, how many carbs they contain, and also record your BS levels. This will help you and your Dr. plan your treatment. I have had my medications adjusted by my Dr. when I brought in written proof of what was going on with my BS numbers. Lastly, what I do is measure out my food to be certain that I am eating the serving size for a particular food. Before I did that I was eating two and sometimes three servings of a food and did not realize it.
Good Luck. Let us know if something helps you.

Harlen 2010-09-14 18:51:19 -0500 Report

Carb counting is the only way I know how to keep my BS in the good.
It is a pain in the butt but it do work well lol
Best wishes

alanbossman 2010-09-13 14:53:42 -0500 Report

You need to see your doctor your numbers are to high. You my need to control your carb intake

Debbieevans 2010-09-14 08:18:21 -0500 Report

Yes I do and I do have a diabetic doctor but hard to pay only having medicare because I have other speacilists I see. Now my sugar has been crashing a lot…2x yesterday and at least 1x every day for last week. I am on a sliding scale for carbs and also have to take insulin fo carbs I eat. TY for posting.

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