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I am one of those people who actually because of all my other health issues appear to be loosing weight. It is a good thing they tell me to loose weight when you are a diabetic but at times the weight can be a benefit for taking insulin.

I have days when I have a little or no appetite what so ever. Basically I eat one good meal a day and that is Lunch, dinner I barely eat, breakfast is light usually only toast?

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GabbyPA 2010-09-03 22:06:55 -0500 Report

The whole trick with diabetes is to try to even out the sugar levels, to prevent big spikes and dropping lows. Usually that is obtained by allowing your body to never worry about it's next meal. We graze or eat often during the day so our bodies are more apt to release the energy it has instead of trying to store it. It is more complicated than that, but that is a reason it is encouraged to eat 5-6 small meals or add snacks between your larger meals. Skipping is not great. So even if you are not hungry, it is good to, as my husband says "have something churning around in the tummy" LOL

Mama Dee
Mama Dee 2010-09-04 10:07:16 -0500 Report

Happy day Gabby,
this is so true for all no matter what your medical problem may be even if you do not have one. 6 small meals are better than over stacking your plates for 3meals. For me it helps my energy level, so I can function through out the day. Blessings to you & yours.

Working 4 Jesus & Loving it.
Mama Dee

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