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"One step back"
By Bob Perks
"How do you get ahead?"

"Take one step back," I told her.

"That will get you nowhere," she replied.

"Only if that's where you're going," I said.

When someone asks for answers they are often times only looking for the answers they want. Not facts they know to be true, but
choose to ignore.

You often hear that the first step you take may be the most important. I believe that to be true. It takes a lot to take that first step, that's why I suggest that the first one be one step back.

Step back for a moment and look around.

Where are you?
Take a sheet of paper and write in detail everything you know about your environment.
Make lists of all the good things and those you consider to be not of your liking.

When you move forward you will take both with you. The idea is to hold onto what you want and let go of the others along the way.

Often times we keep carrying the same baggage from place to place, even adding to it. Because of that we also tend to let go of the wrong things ending up in a different place with new problems.

How did you get there?
Next in order to get to your ultimate goal, you need to understand completely how you arrived where you are at the present.

It's time to come clean. Analyze in detail the previous steps and where you "think" you went wrong. I can't say where you "know" you went wrong because often times we have no idea.

Where do you want to be?
This is "The Plan." Most people take more time, make more effort planning a vacation than they do their lives.

It's serious, but you can have fun with it. Use the vacation planning as a guide and lay out, step by step, where you will go, how long you want to
take and exactly what you want from the trip.

None of this will cost you a dime. The greatest plans, biggest ideas, all started in conversation or on paper. Even napkins in a coffee shop.

Like vacationing, plan for side trips. That's just a part of life. I watch "Globe Trekker" on PBS television. They always have a plan, but the most exciting parts are the ones they never planned.

My favorite Traveler, Megan McCormick says, "When I travel on my own I like to see where the road will take me (which frequently means
getting lost!)"

"All of these experiences have informed who I am and have given me an enriched perspective."

Begin your new life by taking the first step…"One step back."

Please don't forget to send me postcards along theway. I love getting good news.

"I wish you enough!"

Bob Perks
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"I Wish You enough!"
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GabbyPA 2010-09-03 22:10:33 -0500 Report

"Where do you want to be?
This is "The Plan." Most people take more time, make more effort planning a vacation than they do their lives."
This part of the post really struck me. If I planned my life as much as my vacations, I would be all mapped out, paid for and ready to go. Hmmm, I need to be doing that.

Guardianstone 2010-09-04 03:02:04 -0500 Report

People plan their vacations? Never heard of such a thing. . . . I do understand what you are saying. I thought I had a plan, and planed for any unforseen incidents.
Didn't work. Of course thats why it is called unforseen. I try not to make too many plans now. Then again the mystery can be interesting. Take care, (((HUGS))) to all. I'm just a bit shaky right now.
Guardian stone

nativity4me 2010-09-03 23:20:15 -0500 Report

if we all planned life, there would be no surprises! we have to have some vacation time too look forward too, unexpected adventure. but the gist of this message was plan while you can, what you want to achieve, and if you stay on course, youll make it to the destination..


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