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seriously. i didnt. seems narrow minded in a world of technology and medical advancements, but i didnt think id ever be able to get my glucose down.

let me start from the beginning, so you have an idea of where im coming from.

im a plus sized woman. been plus sized all my life. never had diabetes till i was around 39, and was told at an exam on my 40th birthday (gave myself a gift of health for my birthday) that i had type 2, high cholesterol, and hypertension.

man was i bummed. i was told i couldnt have but so many carbs, no processed meats, and minimal salt (including within food). all i felt i was left with was..water, and i dont like it too much all by its self.

my mind couldnt wrap itself around the fact that i was so limited. my mind was going into a depressed state as i thought about everything i had to give up.

i was given a prescription for a glucose meter, and sent to a diabetic class.
where we were instructed on how to use the meter on our fingers.

i was also prescribed metformin as an agent to hep with the diabetes.

well, the vigilance to check myself wasnt very long, because i dreaded pricking my fingers, and when i did i didnt see any great results happening with the metformin. so my reads were a hit-n-miss.

i was scheduled an appointment with a diabetic specialist, who sent me to ANOTHER diabetes class, where i was told i could test on my arm! YIPEEE!
the discovery of this technique was awesome!and so easy, NO PAIN AT ALL! what a blessing!

but, the numbers wernt going down like i felt they should, they remained in the numbers of question, and health risk.

somewhere during this time frame, hubby lost his job, and we lost insurance and i had nothing, no meds, not strips, no lancets, nothing.

he finally gained employment a year later, and once i knew the insurance kicked in we started me back with the drs.

im trying for gastric bypass, because im morbidly obese and id like to live a while longer, and while there, blood was drawn…read was in the 320s!
scared the nurse who called me up to tell me, i was used to the numbers, to be honest. wasnt safe, but i was familiar with it.

the next week i was scheduled to go back to my Primary Care Physician, who faxed over the results from the bariatric surgeons office, and he said, my sugars were too high..yeah..i knew that.

he suggested i start on a different drug than metformin (because i asked for something different than that drug) called JANUMET. a version of: JANUIVIA and METFORMIN together.

gave me a new meter and several samples of janumet and benicar (blood pressure).

and he told me i needed my sugars to be in the low 200s by a visit in 2 weeks…
it was never gonna happen! not in a million years!

so i tested my sugars that afternoon…432!

took my meds and read my sugars again the next morning: 335 before breakfast
315 after!

another read revealed: 236 before and 238 after

next days read: 246, 211, 226

yesterdays reads: 212 194, 203, 189

and todays only read so far: 189

its totally possible! with the right meds, and the right tools, and a regiment of adhering to drs orders (including the diaticians) its completely possible to lower the sugars from a high level like mine, to a decent normal level…

i have to continue this routine until mid december, or early january in order to get my surgery..i have to have normal levels of sugars in my system.

ill say this for janumet..its an appetite controller too!
im barely hungry as a result of taking it…cant beat that!


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Harlen 2010-09-03 14:34:57 -0500 Report

Helllo and welcome
I had the same prob with the orl meds and went on insulin got my BS down to 90-145
The surgery scairs me to no end when I read what can happen
I drop a little each month with out starving myself and I will get there
Glad Janumet works for you I wish it did for me lol
Best wishes
Keep up the great work

nativity4me 2010-09-03 23:25:44 -0500 Report

well, it took the fact metformin DIDNT work, for this one to be prescribed so we would see if it does.

so far so good. no bad side effects. and sugars are dropping. not below a high read yet, just above it, lowest ive gotten all week was 161 and that was this afternoon.

hopefully, by next week (when i visit the dr again) ill be in the 120 and below.

we shall see. :)