In the Blue and I need help FAST!!!!!

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well i have a couple of problems … First and most importantly im a type one dibetic i take a lest 4 insulin shots a day i had to move to a state where im not elgible for medicad and can not afford my medication or to pay for insurnce and i dont know where to go for help can any one help me with this? And second my fience and myself have been trying to have a baby for over a year .. the OBGYN says everythings fine with me in that area … i dont know much of any thing when i comes to dibetes n how it effects your chances but could it be because i have high glucose levels?

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realsis77 2010-09-01 11:47:28 -0500 Report

Is there a human services department in your area? I would try to apply for emergency aid! Fast! Or may you can go to a clinic and find out what resources the clinc has avaiable to fill perscriptions ect. Why are you not qualifying for medicaid, that sounds wrong! Also certain rx companys have paient support programs I'd call around or search on the web to see if any of the medications you are prescribed are covered under a patient assistance program! Perhaps go to your health department clinic and tell them what's going on surely they should have a service to help you! Also its free to go to the health department! Good luck to you and God bless you!

Gemm 2010-08-30 15:49:54 -0500 Report

Many of the drug companies offer to help people who cannot afford their medications. All I can tell you is to maybe get a listing of them from a local pharmacy and start contacting some of them to help you with it. My husband's ex-wife was in that situation before she died and got help from one of them but neither or us nor their son can remember which company was helping her with her insulin as well as her testing supplies. If you have a doctor where you are living perhaps even he/she can help you find a company that will help you with the costs. I don't know if your local public health agencies would be able to help but I'd contact them and see. I do know they will help with some things.

Sorry I can't be more help than that, but at least maybe it's a starting point for you.

As for having a baby - I hope you can as I've had 4 and they are truly a blessing. I was pregnant with my younger daughter (she's almost 26 now) when I was 1st diagnosed with chronic hypoglycemia and I've had to battle that for years before now being diagnosed as diabetic (which I was told over and over that it may happen at some point). I do know that I was monitored very carefully while pregnant with both her and my younger son to make sure my BG levels didn't go too low, though home testing was never even mentioned (don't even know how long those kinds of kits have been available lol). Extreme highs and/or lows can affect the fetus so, as was suggested, I'd try to get the BG levels under control before getting pregnant.

Good luck with all & HUGS to ya


Gemm 2010-08-30 15:51:46 -0500 Report

PS - I'm giving you a thumb's up for posting and asking for some help here :) I was told once while in college that the only stupid question is the one you never ask so kudos to you for asking :)

SugarFreeMe91 2010-08-31 16:06:27 -0500 Report

lol thanx soo much and yeah every little bit helps !!! its just very hard ive never had to do this by myself befor and have always had insurnce… its very scary!!

Crashnot 2010-08-29 21:15:11 -0500 Report

I'm not aware that high sugars will affect conception. However, you really need to get them under control if you're going to become pregnant. The high sugars will be translated into fat by the baby's body, and you'll have a very heavy child. I was able to keep my sugars in line with constant, about every 2 hour testing day and night and taking corrections to keep the sugars down. Both children were just under 8 pounds and are great. However, too many low sugars can cause brain damage to the developing child, so it would be much easier for you to get things under control now than risk harming your child by a juggling act while you're pregnant. Diet, exercise and dosages will all come into play for you.

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