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When you go out to eat what food do you eat when you are watching the col.

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GabbyPA 2010-08-29 07:36:07 -0500 Report

I also have a book called "The Diabetes Carbohydrate and Fat Gram Guide" third edition. It is put out by the ADA and it has many restaurant choices listed in it. Of course you can never get them all and sometimes a wise choice must be based on what you have learned by counting your carbs at home. Don't be tricked into just getting a salad either, because sometimes those have more calories in them than a hamburger!!

I am not sure, but I think also has restaurant choices in it as well.

monkeymama 2010-08-28 17:52:18 -0500 Report

I bought a copy of a book called "Nutrition in the Fastlane" and like using this to help me make better food choices. If i choose to go next door to my college and eat at Subway, instead of eating a sub, I will make the sub into a healthy salad. If you are interested in the book, go to this web site

RAYT721 2010-08-28 15:46:11 -0500 Report

I'd like to direct your attention to a book title (check library) called "Eat This - Not That: Restaurant Survival Guide" by authors David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding. Many restaurant websites offer their nutritional information for the traditional menus so that you can plan ahead. Don't be afraid to ask the servers when in doubt how items are prepared and opt for entrees that are "better" in terms of fat, carbs, etc. Most places (not fast food) will let you have it your way: baked, broiled, poached and using the words "on the side" when it comes to dressings and sauces.