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i'm haveing a good day today my sugar is up a little bit but not much today this site has help me a lot after i found it on the net. it is a nice day here in north c it is getting hot out when i feed my cats out side this moring. i still trune off the alarm clock at 7 am and 8 am to take my frist shot in the moring time i dont sleept that good when boy friend is home and has the weekeding off he is up all night on the net and has the tv on real lowed that i can here it in the bedroom and if i can out to trune it off he yells at me

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realsis77 2010-08-28 10:49:27 -0500 Report

Hi! I'm glad your having a good morning! This is a great site with wonderful people and a wealth of information! Its more of a big family! I think you will like it here! Great honest discussions and super articles to read! I think you will like it here! I'm new here too! I'm a type 2 and I take medicine and insulin shots to control my diabetes. Welcome to DC.

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