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As you can probably tell by my screen name, I play soccer. With sports, we've have always been told too be careful, as exercise can drop your blood sugar, which makes perfect sense. In my experience, however, my blood sugar usually skyrockets after an intense soccer game. This could be due to the adrenaline releasing stored sugars but it still seems strange to me.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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sportslover 2013-10-02 22:49:39 -0500 Report

I play soccer as a rep player. As I was reading this I was thinking that you are very similar to me. I was only diagnosed as having t1 diabetes 8 months ago but I haven't stopped with soccer! I do running in the morning, pe daily, soccer rep, a player academy and a skills academy through school. Everyday of my life! My blood sugar levels are constantly low during exercise an drop very fast without me knowing! However when I am playing a game my bs levels "skyrocket"… I was wondering the same thing, is this normal?

Scott Dunton
Scott Dunton 2008-04-16 19:31:26 -0500 Report

Honestly as I was reading what you wrote I said out loud its just the adrenalin that makes your blood sugar skyrocket. I am a Professional Surfer and when I go surf everyday when the waves are normal and I am not competing my blood sugar stays the same the whole time Im surfing. But when the waves are really big or Im in a contest my blood sugar skyrockets as well, it truly is just the adrenalin but you can learn ways to keep it incheck. Do you wear a sensor or use an insulin pump?
If you dont want to write on here feel free to write me a message or an email if you like. small
I know alot of ways to keep the adrenalin spike in check that I have learned over the years.

VinThomas 2010-10-16 06:35:08 -0500 Report

I play soccer myself. and when Im training, it seems my blood sugar is level, but l also seem to have energy for the rest of the day @ work. Well keep up the good work diabeticmidfielder. Gary Mabbut and Danny McGrain would be proud of you.

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