Sick with Diabetes = No Fun!

By Thomas508 Latest Reply 2010-08-27 13:01:02 -0500
Started 2010-08-26 08:11:17 -0500

I have just gone through my first sickness since my diagnoses, it was rough! Tuesday I couldn’t eat anything and my blood sugar kept dropping, I would try to sip some Sprite to raise it but my stomach didn’t even want that! Did a little better yesterday and back to work today. I hope that doesn’t happen again anytime soon!

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petals 2010-08-27 13:01:02 -0500 Report

Hey Thomas sorry that you have been sick. I hope that you are feeling alot better now. It sucks getting sick with diabetes, but in time you will learn what works for you and what doesn't. Hang in there.

GabbyPA 2010-08-26 19:13:34 -0500 Report

Here is a good video that I learned a lot from.

Here is an article on preparing for a sick day (now that you understand why to do it.)

Getting a kit set up is a good plan. You may not get it right the first time, but as you learn what you need, your kit will grow. It is just good to have on hand a lot of things that are going to make your recovery from being sick not turn into a trip the ER because you drop too low or spike too high.

One thing that I just learned with my husband's recent bout with cellicites is the use of suppositories. His were to stop his vomiting, and they worked like a charm. Not a lot of fun to administer, but worth the embarrassment of it all. He was finally able to keep liquids and solids down. And in our case, that can be a life saver literally. Plus they are often free on most prescription plans.

Harlen 2010-08-26 09:14:43 -0500 Report

Ben there done that
We all are sick of it just like taxes and the high cost of just living
We stick with it and work on in for we have no option but to do so or pay a price that we do not wish to pay and dont need to if we work hard on it and have a bit of luck
Best wishes

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