hello, everyone...my name is msdallas and i am a diabetic,

ms dallas
By ms dallas Latest Reply 2010-08-26 09:27:43 -0500
Started 2010-08-25 23:58:09 -0500

first and foremost, why do a person who is a diabetic lose so much weight. what is the best solutions, of how to deal with losing so much weight, i would appreciate, any feedback…thanks…

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Harlen 2010-08-26 09:27:43 -0500 Report

lol hello and wecome
some times when your not keepping good #s your boddy burns fat ,it thinks that you havent eatten and need the resorses?? there are a lot of resons why
You havent given a lot of info for any of us to help more.
Heres a site with a lot of info but it is a bit dry lol
Best wishes

MAYS 2010-08-26 02:39:15 -0500 Report

Hello and Welcome!
Some diabetics gain weight, some lose weight for various reasons.
Are you a type 1 or type 2 diabetic?
Are you currently on any type of medication (diabetes related or otherwise)?


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