Brain fog

By d1956 Latest Reply 2010-08-26 18:35:49 -0500
Started 2010-08-25 14:52:07 -0500

Has anyone noticed a memory loss? Not the kind of fuzzyness you get when sugar levels are skrewy but an everyday loss. I will repeat things and not remember conversations. Really frustrating. My long term memory is pretty much good its the day to day stuff like meet the grandkid for lunch, daughter will ask me to pull something out for dinner and I forget. I've even forgot the tub was running and flooded the bathroom. Flooded the back half off my mobile twice in one week. Even forgot to turn the stove off, thankfully I rememberred before we drove out of the drive. I now live at my daughter's because of it but really want back out on my own. I don't care if she checks on me but I want my own place. She and my son-in-law are dead set against it until I have this and my falling under control. Help! I'm too old and too young to have to live with them even though I love them.

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Crashnot 2010-08-25 18:20:42 -0500 Report

Probably a long shot, but I've suffered nasty brain fog when on both Lantus and then Levemir. Now the humalog is causing it since I started using the pump. Switching to a pork instead of synthetic insulin cleared it up in 24-hours!

Harlen 2010-08-25 18:05:28 -0500 Report

I am still looking for that box of shels tha I put on the shelf ,I had taken one out and whent to put it back and the box was gone ?????? still havent lokated it yet lol
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d1956 2010-08-26 18:35:49 -0500 Report

Was that the shells I had for dinner lol. I'm looking for "New IN Town". Bought it the day it came out and still can't locate it. Thankfully I put appointments directly into my cell phone or I'ld forget them too. Forgot to go for lunch with the youngest grandson yesterday and he is still mad, he is 5 and Autistic so that didn't help. Have to go tomorrow or I "lose the grandma list for a week. Pretty sure he meant being on it. Just wish I could remember better. Hope you find those shells, well maybe not depending on how old they are.

MAYS 2010-08-25 15:16:23 -0500 Report

It happens, it may be based on one, or more of many factors.
It could be diabetes, hormone, or stress related.
Maybe … just maybe …


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